GGN: Headgear #01

Kicking off the Girly-Girl Nerds theme with the easier stuff (by which I mean the making of material presets, which isn’t exactly my favorite part of the process, ha!)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Headphones from Tuned In for V4; headphones from Sexy Open Side Tank Outfit for Genesis, and/or the free headphones from Most Digital Creations.

Download: MDC HPhones || Tuned In HPhones || Sexy Open Side HPhones (DS only)

Info: Five textures, four floral and one cute dinosaur pattern. DS and Poser materials for the Tuned In and MDC headphones (dsa and mc6) and DS4 for the Genesis prop (duf.)

These are easy to refit to other characters, usually requiring only a bit of scaling and translation adjustments.

Headphones from Tuned In on V4, with Mada Hair


Headphones from Sexy Open Side Tank Outfit on Genesis 1, with PH Lovely Hair


MDC’s free headphones on Genesis 2 Female, with PH Charm Hair


Headphones from Tuned In on Dawn, with the Tuned In hair prop

Please let me know if there are any problems with the zips or files; questions welcome.

I just realized I didn’t include a preview for one of the textures. I’ll see if I can put something together with the G3F…

A little late, but the free MDC headphones on G3F, with NYC Hair V4

10 thoughts on “GGN: Headgear #01

    • I’m all for letting girls and women embrace their girliness, if that’s their bliss. I myself like sparkly things and the occasional froufrou. 🙂

      I’m mulling over a render involving warrior librarians and Abominable…

              • My mother’s the knitter. I don’t like the “insecurity” of the needles, those stitches always fall off. I sometimes crochet, but never big things – never really had the patience.

                • I’ve wanted to try crochet, but my experiences with knitting have always made me reluctant to take up something else that’ll only frustrate me in the end.

                  It’s not like i don’t have enough things to do anyway…

                • I’d say crocheting is much easier because it’s more ‘tactical’ vs ‘strategic’ – in that you only need to worry about that one loop on your hook and where to stick it next. So in case you ever run out of things to do… =)

  1. I will take this under consideration. I just picked up a free book at Amazon on crocheting…maybe I can crochet a shark hat for my cats, or something equally silly.

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