GGN: Tops #02


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Super Hoodie V4A4

Info: Textures for the hoodie, five full presets each for the prints and solid styles as well as partial presets for the lining, trims, and laces. These may work on the Genesis version of the hoodie, but since I don’t own that one I can’t say for sure (edit: yes, they do.) They do work on the M4 version, though these prints aren’t exactly dude-friendly. (I bought my M4 hoodie at Poser Addicts — it’s no longer in the store — but I believe it’s the same product.)

There are no freebie equivalents I could find for a hoodie, but it’s not expensive and it comes with a number of useful adjustment/movement morphs..

Poser (mc6) and DAZ Studio (dsa, with blank pz2 files so they can be read in the Poser runtime.)



Larger previews of the print styles inside…

Dark Floral

Dark Roses


Roses Black

Roses Pink

The hoodie is a bit temperamental for me when it comes to opening and closing it — the zipper doesn’t always “close” over the chest and the zipper pull sometimes disappears or just wanders off to the side. Despite this little annoyance, it’s a decent hoodie — and the only one I know of with a lining.

Any questions, or problems with the zip archive or files, please let me know!


4 thoughts on “GGN: Tops #02

    • You’re very welcome!

      And thanks for confirming they work with the Genesis version; I was pretty sure they would. 🙂

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