GGN: Bottoms #03

prev_ggn-skirts-free DOWNLOAD

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Floral Sundress V4 and/or In Vogue V4 (second from bottom)

Info: Textures for the skirt part of the Floral Sundress and for the skirt from the In Vogue outfit. The latter is a bit stretchy with the texture, but I used it because it fits close to the hips before flaring outward. With longer tops, the stretchiness is a little less of an issue.

The skirt part of the sundress is low on the hips and so it’s meant to be used with the Bah Humbug top and Cajj sweater. Textures for the sundress will also work on versions for other figures.

Poser (mc6) and DAZ Studio (dsa, with blank pz2 files so they can be read in the Poser runtime.)


prev_ggn-skirts-free-presets01 Skirt from Floral Sundress V4

prev_ggn-skirts-free-presets02 Skirt from In Vogue V4

Next up, the non-free skirts and then onward to footwear! Which are the still quite popular Bossy Boots and Sensible Shoes.

On a side note, it would be nice to have a realistic-looking denim jacket for V4 or any other newer female figure. Most of the ones I’ve run across are short and tight-fitting. I converted the V3 Denim Jacket to V4, but it breaks a lot when posing.

Anyway, and as usual, let me know if there are any problems with the zip file.


6 thoughts on “GGN: Bottoms #03

  1. These textures also work for the Floral Sundress for Aiko 3 and Cookie as well. However, it does cause the top part of the dress to disappear, which can be fixed by adjusting the Opacity and changing the color.

    • One of the things I love about EvilInnocence freebies is the ability to use textures on so many outfits. 🙂

      I only made textures for the skirt part of the sundress because I was looking for longer skirts that would layer well with longer sweaters. Not as easy as it sounds, as it turned out, but this worked out pretty well.

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