GGN: Bottoms #04

prev_ggn-skirts DOWNLOAD

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: In Style Outfit V4 and/or Urban Shabby Chic V4

Info: Plaids for the short In Style skirt and prints for the longer skirt from Urban Shabby Chic.

I ended up making solids for the Urban Shabby Chic top and the skirt too, but haven’t gotten around to making Poser material presets yet. I’ll probably tackle this after I get the footwear sets uploaded. Maybe by then I’ll feel confident enough of my new Poser to make the presets in Poser itself for a change, ha!

Poser (mc6) and DAZ Studio (dsa, with blank pz2 files so they can be read in the Poser runtime.)


prev_ggn-skirts-presets01 prev_ggn-skirts-presets02

Please let me know if you have issues with the zip files or if you have any questions. šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “GGN: Bottoms #04

    • It’s a pretty versatile outfit, and like a lot of the old Platinum Club sets it has a number of useful fitting, adjustment, and movement morphs.

      You said you don’t do “modern,” if I recall correctly? Do you work more in fantasy, sf, or historical? Just curious. šŸ™‚

      • I was doing a 1930s comic book, and you were very helpful there. That project’s not quite finished, so I won’t offer a link now. I’m planning on an Edwardian steampunk comic next, and you’ve been helpful there, too. And I’ve been releasing some ebooks of older projects with new covers, three so far with a Middle Eastern flavor and one that’s science fiction. If you’re curious, search “liavek” at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and you’ll see the first three. The last is Emma Bull’s Falcon.

        I am thinking about some modern projects, but I’m not likely to get to them anytime soon.

        • Sorry for taking so long to reply; it really has been a stressful month.

          Happy to hear some of the resources have been helpful for you. I got into DAZ Studio primarily as a resource for creating book covers, though I ended up not getting much done on that front. I still do book-related projects, though.

          I did the search at B&N and the covers look good, though they’re rather small and it’s hard to see details. Is that the old DAZ camel? šŸ™‚

          BTW, I’ve read Shadow Unit 1 as part of an anthology reading challenge I did for myself a few years back. Even wrote up a comment on it at my reading challenge blog. I really enjoyed the anthology and should follow up on the series one of these days…

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