GGN: Footwear #01

prev_ggn-bossy-boots-v2 DOWNLOAD

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Bossy Boots V2 (see here; acquiring them is a little more complicated than usual.)

Info: A set of textures for Bossy Boots (multi-figure.) Seven full presets as well as partial presets for the socks, laces, and an extra style for the soles.

The textures make use of the original bump map as well as the bump map from the Version 2.0 textures. These are included in the zip file for your convenience; it’s okay to overwrite the files or just delete them if you already have the original files installed.

The textures work on the first version of Bossy Boots except for the lace’s bow and the socks. The first version had no socks and the bow was a separate figure from the laces.

Poser (mc6) and DAZ Studio (dsa, with blank pz2 files so they can be read in the Poser runtime.)



Resource Credits (reposting again):

Romantic Fabrics by Atenais
FS Floral Fabrics by FrozenStar
sazzyazzca Seamless Rose Tiles A – commercial renders okay per readme
Dino Pattern by pronouncedyou – commercial use okay
Plaids Sample Pack Merchant Resource by Channing3D – (commercial use okay)
XmasS Fabric 2012 by Judibug/Divabug – (commercial use okay per readme)
Seamless Plaid 0029 by avantegardeart – (commercial use okay)
Tileable Plaid Textures – (commercial use okay)

Do let me know if there’s any problems with the zip archive or if you have any questions.

I meant to upload earlier, but February has turned out to be busier than I’d expected and I haven’t had much time for my favorite fun and frivolous stuff.

Next up, Sensible Shoes…


4 thoughts on “GGN: Footwear #01

    • Thanks for the link, Milos! I had these already and they are nice. 🙂

      Leilanna (sp?) had a cute texture add on set as well, but they appear to have disappeared along with her site.

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