WIP: Free Dawn dial morph faces

Just some freebies I’m currently playing with:



I’m thinking of doing 3 to 4 faces that use the commercial morphs from HiveWire, another 3 to 4 using only freebie morphs, and maybe a few more using a combination of both.

Then I want to do the same for Dusk and Luna.

I just wish I had more textures for these characters. All I have for Dusk is the default texture and Axel, and the default texture for Luna as well as one I picked up at Renderosity. A lack of diversity for sure.

Also will have to download the Poser versions of these figures. I’m not sure if dial morphs will transfer okay if I save them in DS4 as a pz2 file, but I guess I’ll find out. Also not sure how to save these in DS for other folks to use.

What’s the difference between a Character Preset and a Shaping Preset? ūüėē

GGN Extra Stuff

Click on the thumb to view/save the seamless tile images (textures use corresponding bump maps from REC Holiday Materials.)


dinogreenleather leather-berry


velvet-black velvet-green velvet-pink


fleece-berry fleece-dinogreen fleece-wine


knit-berry knit-denim-blue knit-denim-blue-light knit-dinogreen knit-pink01-redo knit-pink02 knit-wine

Color Swatches


Uploaded these in case folks¬†would like to match any of the other texture sets I made¬†but didn’t own (or didn’t like) some of the clothing props I chose. Color swatches intended for matching¬†buttons, zipper pulls, eyelets, nail polish, whatever.

Checking in

So visitors know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, since¬†it’s been well over a month since I’ve posted anything. Real life has been cutting into my fun time, darn it.

Related to freebie stuff, the DAZ/RuntimeDNA merger and recent policy changes at Renderosity have left me a little frustrated. For totally self-involved reasons, because these lead to dead links on the blog, which are a pain to maintain in the first place.

I think most of the RDNA freebies listed here will be okay as long as their forum remains open. The Zero Price ones I’m not so sure about; like Mike’s Tiki Bar, which I recently used for freebie textures and poses.

At Renderosity, a number of freebie providers have deleted their stuff¬†due to recent policy changes that I find both confusing and utterly ridiculous. From here on out I’ll probably be more selective in what I upload over there, though I’ve lagged way behind¬†in uploads¬†anyway.

Also, with all the new figures and the widening gulf between Poser and DS users, I’ve been giving some thought to where I want to focus my own rendering efforts and, consequently, how that would affect the type of freebies I offer here.

So many figures and renderers and different materials…it’s a bit overwhelming at times. For me, I think DAZ Studio 4.9 and Genesis 3 is the where I stop with DAZ. At least for now. There’s lots of support for Genesis 2 and Genesis 3, so I think I’ll continue to offer freebies for Gen4, Genesis 1, and Dusk and Dawn.

I’ve also been thinking lately that many¬†older third-party figures still have a lot to offer and it would be fun to explore extras for those as well.

My learning curve for Poser continues to be tragically slow, but I am making progress. In my defense, I’m not particularly¬†savvy with DAZ Studio either, and I’ve been using it¬†since 2007! I figure I’m just one of those slow learners, but I’ll eventually reach¬†at least basic competency. ūüôā

I have some odds-n-ends I’m working on, including uploading the transparency images from my old Renderosity product Transmap-O-Matic, which dated back to the hoary days of yore before DS could do tiling. I also have a few bits left over from the recent girly-girl nerds theme, though mostly texture images.

So off I go to get myself organized and hopefully I’ll be back with something before much longer.