WIP: Free Dawn dial morph faces

Just some freebies I’m currently playing with:



I’m thinking of doing 3 to 4 faces that use the commercial morphs from HiveWire, another 3 to 4 using only freebie morphs, and maybe a few more using a combination of both.

Then I want to do the same for Dusk and Luna.

I just wish I had more textures for these characters. All I have for Dusk is the default texture and Axel, and the default texture for Luna as well as one I picked up at Renderosity. A lack of diversity for sure.

Also will have to download the Poser versions of these figures. I’m not sure if dial morphs will transfer okay if I save them in DS4 as a pz2 file, but I guess I’ll find out. Also not sure how to save these in DS for other folks to use.

What’s the difference between a Character Preset and a Shaping Preset? 😕


16 thoughts on “WIP: Free Dawn dial morph faces

    • You can uncheck the materials in the character preset, so that’s why I wondered about the differences.

      I think I’ll just go with the shaping preset and see how that goes.

      • There’s no other difference =) those preset types in the menu are just shortcuts for convenience, and all the .duf files are basically the same inside.
        So for fewer mouseclicks, there are “shaping” presets.

        • Okay, that’s good to know. It’s just a matter then of checking only the boxes which are needed for the morphs.

          I still wish this figure had more morphs. I’m so used to working with the gazillion options for V4/M4 that I get a bit frustrated when I can’t do more with Dawn.

          Still, she has enough to make nice characters, my lack of character textures notwithstanding.

          • Have you tried transferring their store-bought morphs between figures to see if they are all the same morphs or unique to each?
            As for textures, Helen P. has a zombie freebie for Dusk and a “merchant resource” for Dawn (but it can be used in renders without editing):
            And it sometimes can be fun to swap textures between Dawn and Dusk since they fully share UVs. =)

            • No, I haven’t tried that. Sounds a bit tedious to do, but I am curious…

              I have both of those freebie textures, ha!

              I’ve used Dawn’s skins on Dusk before, but only with a hair prop that completely hides the eyebrows. I have Rodrigo in my wishlist; the only thing holding me back is that I’m not crazy about the brows. They’re very…bushy.And certainly asymmetrical.

              There’s a couple new textures I should check out as well. I know the Marcello morph won’t work in DS, but now that I have Poser that’s less of an issue (my lighting in Poser sucks tho.) Easy enough to adapt the textures to DS. Nataani looks nice, but a bit expensive. Maybe it’ll go on sale at some point.

              • You could try with one morph first, something noticeable to get a better chance of seeing the difference if it’s there.

                As for eyebrows, do you have this freebie? http://kobaltkween.deviantart.com/art/Dawn-and-Dusk-Texture-Masks-1-523771839

                Yeah, it’s easy enough to export a morph target from Poser and apply it in DS via morph loader.

                I’ve watched the artist develop Nataani over there on dA, and it looks like a quality product (although the facial hair options aren’t fibermesh but painted on, which will be a problem in certain situations). My biggest concern is that Nataani looks a bit too much like Johnny Depp, to me. But maybe that’s just the Old World me, to whom all Native Americans look somewhat alike.

                • Argh, still so busy! I feel like I’m going to spend the entirety of 2016 trying to catch up with myself.

                  I’d be surprised if the commercial morphs differed to any significant degree between DS and Poser. The free morphs, though, are either all DS or mostly DS.

                  Johnny Depp isn’t Native American. I think he said something about family stories claiming NA ancestry, but those stories often turn out to be fabrications. Somebody claiming there’s a “NA great-great-whatever grandmother” sort of thing. Usually Cherokee, because they’re the biggest tribe in the US.

                • I mean differences between a morph with the same name in Dawn and Dusk (and maybe even Luna – I saw a post on Hivewire forums linking back to my morph transfer tutorial, and that person used a Dusk morph on Luna). Between DS and Poser morphs, I’m sure they are the same. You just export an OBJ from either program, morph it and then load the resulting file into both DS and Poser.
                  Yeah, Cherokee it’s what he said in an interview I saw once. I wonder what his actual bloodlines are, then, if it’s not true. He certainly doesn’t look like a typical “Caucasian” person.

  1. Ah, I misunderstood what you meant about the morphs. Sorry.

    I never thought to try any of Dawn or Dusk’s morphs, free or bought ones, on Luna. Hmmm….

    Out of curiosity, I checked Depp’s wikipedia entry and it says:

    “Depp is mostly of English ancestry, with smaller amounts from elsewhere in Europe. He is descended from a French Huguenot immigrant, Pierre Deppe or Dieppe, who settled in Virginia around 1700 as part of a refugee colony situated above the falls on the James River. He has New England and Colonial New York roots through his ancestor Elizabeth Fones, a Winthrop family member who emigrated to Massachusetts and finally settled in Newtown, near present-day Astoria, New York. He is also of 3/2048 African descent, as he descends, twice over, from an African slave whose biracial daughter, Elizabeth Key Grinstead (Depp’s ancestor), was the first woman of Sub-Saharan African ancestry in North America to sue for her freedom from slavery and win (in 1655). Depp is 20th cousin of Elizabeth II.”

    Don’t know what a typical Caucasian is supposed to look like. I just assumed he had ancestors from a country around the Mediterranean, which might account for his darker looks. Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, North African, etc.

    • Good grief! 20th cousin? That’s so distantly related it basically means you had ancestors that came from England.

      And I won’t even start on the ‘Native American’ bit…

      As for morphing Dawn/Dusk/Luna…

      In some ways I think they are easier to do than the Genesis series, they aren’t quite as low poly and don’t rely as much on subdivision. So that makes it a bit easier to add some more detail.

      • I suppose being a 20th cousin to QEII is more exciting than a more plebeian ancestor. But yeah, that’s not something I’d personally get excited about.

        The Genesis figures are very nice, but they don’t offer the dial morph capabilities of the Gen4 figures. My opinion, of course, but for someone like me who likes to dial characters and can’t afford ZBrush (and remains sadly clueless about Hexagon) this ability is important.

        Dusk and Dawn have lots of potential, but the resources are slow in coming. The vendors haven’t been supportive, overall, and the HiveWire team is small and has a lot on their plate. Also, Dawn/Dusk remind me a bit of the older Mil3 figures in that it takes more work to get them to NOT look like their base figure. The newest version of Dawn improved this issue quite a bit, I think, but Dusk still needs a little more TLC in that area.

        The bland, doughy faces of V4 and M4 were, imo, an improvement as a base to start with dialing up characters.

        Still, I like Dawn/Dusk and really do want to do more with them. Free time has just been in short supply lately.

  2. Those are some really nice dial ups. Very attractive and unique. Not sure why so many use the stock faces when it’s possible to dial in such beauty. Are you using just the official HW morphs? There is also a merchant resource set and a Faces of Africa set also on HW. Mec4D has a set for Dawn as well. I’ve successfully used the facial morphs between genders and on Luna, though you have to be careful in certain instances. Body morphs tend not to work.

    • Thanks! I love using dials for creating characters. For me, the results are more interesting and varied than what is usually for sale in the markets.

      In this Dawn batch — there were three in the final download, which I posted a while back — I used the official HiveWire morphs as well as that resource for Dawn’s face morphs that is also sold at HW. I don’t have the Mec4D or Faces of Africa/Asia yet, though I have my eye on them. I tend to stick with the official morphs for freebies because those are less likely to disappear over time.

      I still haven’t tried using face morphs between the HW figures yet; gotta put this on my “To Do” list.

      BTW, I made a few free face dial morphs for Dusk too. They’re here:


      I keep forgetting to add download links to these here at the blog too…

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