Sluggian etc templates

The husband has generously shared his spring cold with me! So delightful; I’ve been coughing like crazy the past few days. Ugh.

Anyway, having mentioned the Sluggian stuff has old textures — insinuating, I suppose, they could use a little texture TLC — I made templates. Do with them what you will, if you’re so inclined to try texturing these little critters and their accouterments. Click thumb to view/save the full-sized image.

Battle Slug:

BattleSlug2 BattleSlug

The Battle Slug only has one material zone — Skin — so I included the more detailed breakdown.


Sluggian2 Sluggian

Ditto for the Sluggian figure; the body part details are on the right.

Sluggian T-Shirt:


Battle Slug Saddle:


Added Sluggian freebies to Buried Treasures page


I mean, who knows when you might need a Battle Slug?

Really old figures, as you can tell by the textures, but that’s what shaders and other material packs are for, right? The Slug Freebies go with the Sluggians free figure. The freebie set includes the Battle Slug, which comes with a few textures, a shell, and various saddles — three, I think. Also included are eyelashes and a t-shirt for the Sluggians.

It’s hard to tell, but little Sluggian dude up there does have eyelashes.

I should bug Traveler to see if he still has the old Airship Dock hanging around and, if so, whether he’d be willing to upload it again. It was a Props Club newsletter freebie, which I’ve used a number of times:


Sadly, it looks like Mada and Thorne’s old store — Faeriewylde and Faerie Dreams — and the forum are gone. A huge loss of numerous wonderful freebies. There’s a link to a Facebook page but I’m not on FB so I have no idea what that entails.

Edited to add this from dollygirl’s comment:

For the store freebies you can go to She has all of the store items plus some older items that were pay-for. There is also a really cool gecko, there, as well. As for the freebies that were located in the forum we will just have to wait and see.

Edited once again to note that I made add-ons for these three FD freebies that were available only through the forums:

That would be DS materials for Pook Ale (they weren’t very good materials though), tropical textures for the Snowdrop Dress K4, and patchy textures for the Jingle Dress.

May Budget Wrecking

Lyrra recently reminded me that Xurge3D is having a sale throughout the month of May — good thing she emailed me because I forgot to mention it here.

Xurge has great stuff, even if it’s for older generation figures.


characters from my “archaeologists in space” project

This is the A.T.A.C. Suit, which is available for both M4 and V4. It autofitted pretty well to G3F:


Not all the outfits successfully converted to her — sadly the Space Marine V4 deformed badly around the groin area — but newer outfits worked better. I haven’t yet bought V4/M4 autofit clones for the Genesis 2 figures, but I’m sure the results would look much the same when converted.

I posted a version of the M3 Space Marine on Genesis Konrad in this old post, for anyone who might be curious to see how it looked.

Edited to add: A number of the Xurge M4/V4 outfits converted fairly well to Dawn and Dusk too:

DAZ has managed to part me from some money recently! Their sales tactics fail to get me to buy any new stuff, but sales on the older products rarely fail to reel me in. 😛