May Budget Wrecking

Lyrra recently reminded me that Xurge3D is having a sale throughout the month of May — good thing she emailed me because I forgot to mention it here.

Xurge has great stuff, even if it’s for older generation figures.

characters from my “archaeologists in space” project

This is the A.T.A.C. Suit, which is available for both M4 and V4. It autofitted pretty well to G3F:


Not all the outfits successfully converted to her — sadly the Space Marine V4 deformed badly around the groin area — but newer outfits worked better. I haven’t yet bought V4/M4 autofit clones for the Genesis 2 figures, but I’m sure the results would look much the same when converted.

I posted a version of the M3 Space Marine on Genesis Konrad in this old post, for anyone who might be curious to see how it looked.

Edited to add: A number of the Xurge M4/V4 outfits converted fairly well to Dawn and Dusk too:

DAZ has managed to part me from some money recently! Their sales tactics fail to get me to buy any new stuff, but sales on the older products rarely fail to reel me in. 😛


6 thoughts on “May Budget Wrecking

  1. Way cool render Michele. Two of my favorite topics, archeology and space. Did you know that when Xurge3D was not having a whole store sale they were having a two dollar sale. Every week they would have one item in the store that would be put on sale for 2 dollars. I have gotten some really nice models that way too. Love their work.

    • Thanks! I love any story with an archaeology element too. A holdover my old college days.

      I know about Xurge’s other sales and posted about them here when they first started. It’s a great deal — if I didn’t already have just about everything I want from Xurge’s site I’d take advantage of them for sure!

  2. Very nice, I like renders and everything else on the site. It is just great and very useful and inspiring.

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