Sanzi’s Momilita

I forgot to mention this before, but Sanzi has a new toony doll freebie: Momilita. Includes the figure, outfit, poses, and hair. The figure has a “cat” morph that is dialed in for the ears, whiskers, and tail. I took her for a test in DS4:


Applying the smoothing modifier slightly distorts the hair around the ears, so I didn’t do it for the cat morph. The style poses for the hair’s front bangs don’t work in DS, but the bang parts are all separate object files so all you need to do is manually hide/unhide them etc. to get the different looks. The twin tail style morphs work fine. (The hair also has a fit for Sanzi’s free toon cat, Momimomi.) The cat tail isn’t poseable, as far as I can tell, but it comes pre-posed.

She comes with a number of expression morphs too.

Cute free outfit for classic Sadie

Over at Renderosity: Tempest for Sadie

jumper and headless Hester not shown 🙂

According to the description, it was a PA product at the DAZ store and is now free! (I wish more PA’s did this with old products.) It includes an outfit, character texture and morph, and a headless doll prop.

It’s a cute outfit, but it’ll need a little work after downloading. The file paths are wrong, a problem which is easy enough to fix. There are no textures included, but plenty of material zones for all the objects except the headless Hester doll. She’s only a single material zone and so that one will need texturing work beyond quick-n-easy seamless tile material presets.

Here’s the template for Hester:

body, legs, arms, neck and skirt

The rest inside…

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Vladimir M4

For those who don’t already have Vladimir for M4, you can pick him up very inexpensively as part of the Haunt Starter Bundle. Right now this bundle is $4.00, which is 96% off the regular price. (Vladimir is $4.00 too, but I generally go for bundles whenever practical.) The only thing I don’t have from the Haunt set is the M4 Skeleton, but since I have the M3/V3 versions, I’ve not been in any hurry to buy the Gen4 ones.

So yeah, I think Vladimir’s a rather nifty character:

an old Halloween render

Looking at the Vladimir promos again, I couldn’t help thinking he was something of a forerunner to all those later DAZ characters like Gianni 6, Lee 6, Lilith 6, etc. There’s even extra surface detailing, via displacement maps.

Which reminds me — I recently picked up the M6/V6 HD sets and noticed the V6 maps are normal maps in tif format but the M6 ones are not. Thought that was a bit odd. 😕