Vladimir M4

For those who don’t already have Vladimir for M4, you can pick him up very inexpensively as part of the Haunt Starter Bundle. Right now this bundle is $4.00, which is 96% off the regular price. (Vladimir is $4.00 too, but I generally go for bundles whenever practical.) The only thing I don’t have from the Haunt set is the M4 Skeleton, but since I have the M3/V3 versions, I’ve not been in any hurry to buy the Gen4 ones.

So yeah, I think Vladimir’s a rather nifty character:

an old Halloween render

Looking at the Vladimir promos again, I couldn’t help thinking he was something of a forerunner to all those later DAZ characters like Gianni 6, Lee 6, Lilith 6, etc. There’s even extra surface detailing, via displacement maps.

Which reminds me — I recently picked up the M6/V6 HD sets and noticed the V6 maps are normal maps in tif format but the M6 ones are not. Thought that was a bit odd. 😕


12 thoughts on “Vladimir M4

    • I always do postwork. 🙂 This one had a color overlay and I played around with some grunge-ish effects from PostworkShop.

      Background composed from models — some are from the DAZ PC’s Carnival series and others from a product by LukeA that is no longer in the RDNA store. It was pulled from the store long before DAZ bought RDNA and it hasn’t shown up again at Renderosity, so I think it’s gone for good. The product was called Cirque Macabre: Circus Entrance.

      I can’t remember exactly where the sky background came from, but probably from didi_mc’s To The Skies background set, which was at Renderosity. Looks like it’s also gone from the store.

      • Thank you Michele. I have a few of LukeA’s models mostly the give-a-ways from Rendo. He only has the Zoltan there. Really like the wooden roller coaster in your image. A job well done.

        • Luke’s set was the only one I’m aware of that had an old-fashioned roller coaster. If you’re looking for one that will just be a background image and not subject to close ups, Creepy Clown has a couple here, toward the bottom of the page:


          I noticed too that Simon-3D at Renderosity has been doing a few carnival-themed props:


          No roller coaster yet. You could always contact him and ask if he has any plans for one in the works.

          Hmmm….maybe I should do a carnival/circus theme. It’s been a while since I’ve done a big theme on the blog. 😀

          • Thank for the links. After I posted to you I went digging and found creepyclown’s work. Funny you should say that about carnival/ circus theme. I have been working on some poses for DAZ’s African Elephant. I want to try my hand at modeling the Greatest Show on Earth elephant head stall. May take me a bit of time cause RL seems to be getting in the way.

  1. Awesome render =)
    Hmm, I have M6 HD but only used the HD morphs and not normal maps (I read on the forums they are baked from the same hi-res mesh). It’s a pity if they aren’t lossless. I was just thinking how sad it is that even with the newest content we still get artefact-prone compressed jpeg textures.

    • Thanks!

      There may be no obvious difference in the HD morphs — I haven’t rendered them yet — but I just thought it was strange that one texture set had tif normals and the other regular jpg files.

      I have little interest in photorealism re: renders so I don’t think it matters much to my projects, but how would you notice the difference between lossless and non-lossless texture images?

      • Same as with any images – loss of fidelity. It may not be immediately evident on, say, 4K diffuse maps, but with strength maps like bump (and especially with complex material like normal maps!), artefacts may present odd patterns (squares and “bubbles”) that the lighting will bring out.

        Even the best texture vendors have fallen victims to bumps overcompressed to the point of those characteristic square patterns: I saw it on at least one of Morris’ DAZ O sets (some Freak texture, IIRC; I’ll look it up when I’m on the computer).

        I wouldn’t say it’s a problem only affecting photorealistic stuff. Whenever you render hi-res images with a character or object as a focal point, there comes a time when you do get to see the texture close enough.

        There are also certain math/tech considerations, but you’re probably not interested in that sort of details =)

        And when you’re editing textures, many operations will bring the artefacts out – even curves, and definitely any sharpening. Okay, let’s pretend “character sets” weren’t meant for editing, but… Even merchant resources seem to all come with JPEGs. Boggles my mind.

        • Ah, I see what you mean. It sounds like something that wouldn’t be too difficult to fix in postwork though, whenever it was too noticeable.

          For me, I’d just like to see more focus on realistic hair and clothing. It doesn’t do much good to shoot for hyper realistic skin on 3D characters if the hair and clothing can’t pass at the same level.

          This is one of the areas where I’ve always thought postworking renders to look more like illustrations works really well — it’s just a bit more forgiving, I guess.

          • In small doses – yes, but if you plan on reusing a character, fixing stuff in postwork all the time can get annoying. So it’s best to nip the problem in the bud.
            I agree about hair and clothing. The most popular technologies (transmaps / conformers) are inherently limited in so many ways. I’m not even talking about actual modeling/rigging/UV-mapping quality that doesn’t seem to have become that much better over the last five+ years.

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