Cute free outfit for classic Sadie

Over at Renderosity: Tempest for Sadie

jumper and headless Hester not shown 🙂

According to the description, it was a PA product at the DAZ store and is now free! (I wish more PA’s did this with old products.) It includes an outfit, character texture and morph, and a headless doll prop.

It’s a cute outfit, but it’ll need a little work after downloading. The file paths are wrong, a problem which is easy enough to fix. There are no textures included, but plenty of material zones for all the objects except the headless Hester doll. She’s only a single material zone and so that one will need texturing work beyond quick-n-easy seamless tile material presets.

Here’s the template for Hester:

body, legs, arms, neck and skirt

The rest inside…

Click on the thumb to view/save full-size image and texture away!

CT_Temp_Stockings CT_Temp_Stockings-Bottom

CT_Temp_Stockings-Top CT_Temp_Briefs

CT_Temp_Wristbands+Choker CT_Temp_Jumper

CT_Temp_Dress  CT_Temp_Dress-Base


CT_Temp_Shoes-Base CT_Temp_Shoes-Trims

For some, I separated trims from the base to make it easier for making textures.


7 thoughts on “Cute free outfit for classic Sadie

    • You’re welcome. Making templates doesn’t take much time; I’m usually making them for myself anyway. Might as well share!

      Since you have the product installed, could you do me a favor? The inject morph for the Tempest character doesn’t work for me. I think the files just weren’t included rather than it being a file path error.

      If you don’t mind checking the file in a text editor, could you let me know for sure if that’s the case?

  1. No don’t mind at all. Catherine’s freebie is missing a directory called !aie3d that sits just under the Libraries directory. It should have 4 files Hide.Tempest.pz2, InjDeltas.Tempest.pz2, RemDeltas.Tempest.pz2 and Unhide.Tempest.pz2. I would go and add a note to the product. She has been responding with those that are leaving notes.

    • Thanks, Dollygirl. I figured that’s what was going on.

      I sent her a site mail. Like I mentioned above, the file path stuff is easy enough to fix — a lot of freebies and the occasional commercial content sometimes have this happen — but the missing folder isn’t. It’s not a big deal for me, as I usually use my own dial spins.

      I’m gonna see what I can do with Hester, and maybe make some textures for the rest of the outfit too. 🙂

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