AoA Grass Shader

Anyone have experience with this shader? I used it this weekend while revisiting an old render idea and mostly it was fine, though there was a bit of oddness re: the grass when up against a rock prop with a lot of displacement. It looked as if the grass didn’t have any volume around the rock. I worked on it in postwork (below) and it’s okay, but I was wondering if any one else has run across this.


The Long Snout Dragon’s rock wasn’t very rock-like — it’s an old product — and so I switched it out for one of the rocks from Predatron’s Rocks-N-Drops.

And I’m still baffled by the materials for that K4 tiara — why would the specular map be in the transparency channel rather than the actual transparency map? Weird.


6 thoughts on “AoA Grass Shader

    • The readme file for the shader mentions something about how the grass could look “clipped” if used on a complex surface with subdivision. I guess “clipped” is a better description than “no volume.” It has no variation in height that makes it look like grass; it’s flat.

      But I didn’t subdivide the surface or the rock prop, and it was only an issue near the rock which, as I recall, uses displacement to make its surface look more rock-like.

      So I’m kinda baffled as to what happened and thought maybe someone else might have encountered a similar occurrence. It was easy enough to fix/disguise in postwork, but I’m still wondering what went wonky.

  1. Well, if it’s an issue of dueling displacement boundaries I can keep that in mind for the next time.

    I do like the shader a lot, though, and want to revisit this old render with it. Back when I did this, there wasn’t any decent, realistic grass — and what was available took forever to render because it was all transmapped. Ugh.

    I always liked the idea, but just wasn’t happy with the grass props I had to work with at the time. I saved the scene, so hopefully it’ll open up okay in DS4. I’ll probably switch out the old Mil Horse for the Hivewire Charger, even if it means having to fuss with old Mil Horse props on the HW horse.

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