And late night Halloween-ing

Trying to find inspiration for a few freebies this year.


Halloween eye shadow art; been inundated with images like this on Pinterest. Kinda cute, though! Black and orange colors with little bats. 🎃  That’s V4, but I want to see if I can get it to work on Dawn as well.


Working on doing something with Red Viper’s free Idol Dress for A4. It’s a finicky dress, even in DS4 I have trouble getting it to fit V4’s shape. On the left is the A4 body with the V4 head. On the right is Genesis using the A4 shape for the body and Hitomi’s head. Had fitting issues around the abdomen, but got it to work well enough.

I can’t recall if there’s something similar to this outfit for sale anywhere. It has a bit of a Lolita goth look to it, which is something I’m looking for.

Inspiration from this, which I thought was cute. Edited to add: inspiration also from outfits like this:


Then there was this:


Quickie kit-bashed Zwoggel and a pumpkin head for a Zwoggel Pumpkinstein.

And this too:


Wilmap recently released this free dress for G3F: Princess Line Dress. It has a retro feel to it, and could be a little bit goth as well as a little bit silly. (I need more shoes for this figure. All I have are the shoes that came with the Ghost Bride outfit, which is one of only two outfits I’ve bought for her so far.)


6 thoughts on “And late night Halloween-ing

  1. You might consider doing some lashes like mstene has done in the past. She has done a Halloween freebie with bats, pumpkins and spiders. She has two freebie lash products one at Rendo called MSTene 4thLash Freebie and the second one is RDNA’s 2011 13 Days of Christmas – Day 1 that could a nice addition. Love Zwoggle! great scene he is set in too.
    On another note. A couple of weeks ago I had a head crash on my hard drive and lost all of my projects. You wouldn’t happened to have some of those zips and be willing to give me copies would you. Thanks for your time and any help would be most greatly be appreciated.

    • Oh, yeah…I think I have some of those lash sets too.

      Zwoggel’s scene is one of Mr. Sparky’s old Halloween freebies. It’s the three-part toonish house set, where you kind of rotate it around for different rooms. Had to scale it down a bit for Zwoggel though.

      Sorry to hear about the disk crash. What a nightmare, I can even imagine…

      What projects exactly are you looking for? I might have saved some zips.

      • Sorry for not getting back to you. Had to take care of my folks so did not have a computer I could reply on. Yes it is I had hundreds of gigabits of content so now I get to reinstall it. The worst though was loosing saved scenes and modified files. That will teach me to not back up my stuff.
        So I am looking for projects such as the cinco de mayo hair decorations, the toy theater, the Russian headdress and the bridal bouquet. Anything you have I would be most happy for. Thank you Michele.

        • No problem!

          Looks like the only actual zip I have is for the diamond necklace set you gave away for a freebie challenge prize some years back.

          I didn’t download the toy theater, I’m sorry to say, but I do have the others installed. I could re-zip them for you if you’d like. The only thing is that I frequently rename/reorganize files after I download them so the files in Libraries might not be 100% as you created them. 😳

  2. Thanks Michele for the offer to make up the zips. I did not intend for you to have to got to that length. Let me see if Rob or Keyra have them in their stash, first.

    • Okay, just let me know if you want the diamond set or if you need the zips made after all.

      Also, it looks like I didn’t have the bridal bouquet either, so I’m probably not as useful for zip maintenance as Rob or Keyra. 🙂

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