Back home and kit-bashing

Well, it’s not a bad first effort, but must go through my oodles of content for better arms and legs.


I used the candy corn prop from the free Hell-O-Ween candy set, the legs from Rotten Eggs, a MortemVetus freebie, and the arms from AntFarm’s Tea Spirit figure. Face was a brush image I just slapped on in postwork.

Legs and arms don’t quite match style-wise, so yeah…back to the kit-bashing drawing board. 😛

Also, Kettu reminded me to add a freebie heads-up, for those who might have missed it: Genesis Scifi Starter Bundle, free for a limited time.


I had everything but the big gun turret and Scifi Bunny outfit (which I could live without, but it is free.)


20 thoughts on “Back home and kit-bashing

  1. Love you candy zombie!

    I wish makers of skimpware would include alternate versions for people who either want more modest or, in my case, more historically accurate pieces. I’d like to think it would increase their sales with very little additional effort, but I admit I’m only basing that on what I’d like.

    Add a 2nd skin, and the scifi bunny would make a fine Halloween costume for a Genesis kid.

    • It’s always best to bring up your concerns directly to those specific content makers. Some are reasonable, and they will do their best to respond to legit suggestions. Some won’t listen, of course.

      • It’s tricky. If I thought something had strong commercial potential, I’d suggest it—Cybertenko’s recent parachute was made after I sent him a note, which made me happy but also makes me hope it makes him lots of money. In most cases, I just decide whether something is worth it for the extras. Just today I saw this: If I knew I would use the poses, gloves, and socks, I would grab it up while it was on sale, but the shirt and shorts are too silly for a spur-of-the-moment buy.

        • I’ve been thinking of putting the parachute on my wishlist at Renderosity. I have no use for it at the moment, but then again I don’t have an immediate use for half the stuff already in my wishlist.

          That outfit…oh, dear. The shirt is ridiculous. Great for the pin-up crowd, which does seem to be a large contingent of Poser/DAZ Studio users.

          To me, it seemed as if the 3D hobby community started out heavy in the fan art and pin-up stuff and pretty much locked itself into that. There wasn’t as much skimpy stuff for the pre-Generation 4 figures, but those older figures didn’t have nearly the quantity of clothing you can find for the later ones.

          I wish more PAs added skirt and shoe/boot heel morphs to adjust length and height. It would add so much more versatility to outfits. Sometimes I need short skirts, but most of the time I need them a little longer than mid-thigh. Also not enough smaller-heeled shoes and boots, it’s either stiletto/platform heels or flat ones.

          And the number of poses for female characters with the feet posed for high heels is a pet peeve, though I know it’s easy enough to fix, especially since most of those kind of shoes come with foot poses anyway.

          • Y’know, I bet if you posted an open letter to PAs about versatility, some would notice. I would certainly do my little bit to promote it on the various forums.

            I hadn’t thought about it, but I think you’re right that skimpy stuff took off with the 4th gen—though I’ve seen a lot of silly outfits for Aiko 3. My guess is it was the degree of realism that V4 and M4 afforded, though it may’ve just been that the hobbyist market achieved critical mass for skimp.

            • From what I’ve seen over the years, such requests surface now and again on the forums but often end up locked. Some PAs seem sympathetic, but the more common response is “that doesn’t sell so we don’t make it.”

              I’m just glad when an outfit or footwear shows up with those sort of options; I’ll buy it if I think I can use it.

              Have we reached Peak Skimp? Sometimes I think the market is still striving toward that end. 🙂

              I tend to give more of a pass to Aiko outfits, maybe because I’ve read a fair amount of manga and watched numerous anime series. Used to seeing female characters noticeably under-dressed and/or weirdly in comparison to the males.

              • Ditto on the Aiko. I don’t know how to define the line between silly/fun sexy and stupid/sleazy sexy, but a lot of the manga-inspired things are on the silly/fun side. Maybe it’s because Aiko is less of a naturalistic figure and more of an iconic one.

                I suspect Peak Skimp will only arrive when the market itself begins to shrink, though maybe I’m underestimating the next generation.

                • Peak Skimp will never be reached, as each new DAZ female figure will have to have hordes of skimpy stuff too. Death, taxes, and Victoria bitty-wear, the great certainties of life! 😛

                  I get what you mean about silly/cute and stupid/sleazy. Were you around when RDNA released that baby outfit for V4? The diaper, bottle, pacifier…there was enough of a backlash that it was pulled from the store. I guess there is a line re: skimp wear that most of the consumer base won’t tolerate.

                • I was lucky enough to miss that. Infantilizing people is on the list of fetishes I don’t get. The Poser/Daz world would be very interesting if there was a rule that every outfit had to be available for both male and female figures.

        • Another problem with skimpy outfits for figures like V4 or G3 (those that are heavy on JCMs) is that they are much simpler to make than outfits actually covering the figure’s joints. But this isn’t always reflected in the price.

    • Candy zombie turned out pretty decent on the first attempt. It doesn’t usually work that way!

      I’m not a huge fan of second skins but for some situations they are hugely helpful, I agree.

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