HiveWire Halloween Sale

Currently HiveWire is running a Halloween sale on select products.

Also, saw this on the recent Xurge3D newsletter:

Effective September 22, 2016

All Products in the Store were permanently reduced by 20%.

Excludes Gift Certificates, RealTime Game Distribution Licenses and HellFish Studios Products.

Not sure what prompted this, but I can’t help noticing new releases have slowed down a lot. His products were primarily for Poser and for almost all the older figures, so I suppose sales aren’t as robust as they used to be.

Noticed today too that Pixeluna has removed all the freebies from her site. She mostly had poses and character sets. I did the usual strike-through of the link text but kept the links. Sometimes these are archived on the Wayback Machine.

I’ll have a few Halloween freebies this week! Too many projects on my plate and I’m so slow on finishing them; feel a little guilty about that. :/


3 thoughts on “HiveWire Halloween Sale

  1. The bigger problem of Xurge, I guess, is that he’s having a hard time coming up with new designs that wouldn’t look like a rehash of the older ones. Looking at Rendo new releases, V4 seems to be very much alive.
    What makes me wonder the most is why he had dropped the price a few percent more on V3/M3 content but not A3/SP3/D3. An oversight, or is there a reason?

  2. It could be; he did seem to me to work in a fairly specific genre of styles. Lots of game influence, which is something I feel ambivalent about. Not sure about the price difference, except that those figures don’t have as much content as M3 and V3.

    Y’know, I really do like the new Genesis line of figures but I’m still very fond of V4 and M4, so I’m glad people are still making content for them. I just picked S7’s new V4 texture Possessed:

    She’s wonderfully creepy. 😀

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