Never Return


DNA Store

The end is nigh….

I see some of the items I’ve made freebies for are likely to go away and so — if you don’t already have them — now might be a good time to pick up Mike’s Tiki Bar and the Plushie Revisited dress.

I picked up:

jezebeth-promo1 dem4_main syydsmall everafter_marymain felicitafiorello-mainpromo

Got Jezebeth because I needed a red girl to go with my red boy (Sebastian G2M.) The Dark Elements M4 poses are nice; not sure how I missed them before. The Enchanted Dreams Dress for G2F is delightfully floofy and over-the-top, so I bought it, along with the texture add-on. Finally, I picked up Felicita & Fiorello for K4 because as far as K4 textures go, they’re a little different. I also like the face morphs.

If you’re a fan of the Plushie figures, go through A_’s store. I don’t know if Anat is moving her products anywhere else, but she does have a lot of Plushie poses.


3 thoughts on “Never Return

  1. I picked up some of the same things: The Enchanted Dreams Dress and texture add-on, Felicita & Fiorello for K4, Frost Queen dress & add-one, Keeper of Fortunes texture add-on for Arki’s Desert Rose outfit, JoJo PierOOOt, and the Kali bundle. The Enchanted Dreams & Kali bundle I have no idea where/when I’ll use them, but every time I visited RDNA I would look and muse over them.

    • I was on the fence about a couple of these — mostly because I wasn’t sure I had a use for them — but I considered them often enough that the idea of not being able to buy them after a certain point helped make up my wishy-washy mind.

      Don’t like those “I wish I’d bought that when I had the chance!” moments. 🙂

  2. Pity that Deep Freeze items weren’t back to their older 75% off. I got Tate’s Anubis and the ST-001 robot. Wonder if these purchases are going to get backup downloads at DAZ…

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