October 2016 budget wrecking

off to walk the pet dragon on the battlements

That over-the-top floofy dress is awesome! Put it on G2F Skyler, then continued my “little girls and dragons” theme — I’m rather fond of that Long Neck Dragon figure, even if it is an old one. And I’d forgotten I’d bought the Castle Turret. It’s a nice prop, though it takes quite a while to render. (This one took almost four hours.)

As October winds down, I realize I managed to spend more money than I intended. I’d been pretty good the last few months, but that PC sale usually pulls me in, even if I’m no longer in the PC Club.

A few non-Halloween products I was especially excited to get hold of:

figures_g2m-darius-6 figuresi_g1-freak-5 characters_g3m-achilles-hd-1 hair_ali-hr-174

Darius 6! He finally joins Lee 6, and now I only need Mei Lin 6  and Monique 6 to finish up my “wish list” of Gen2 base figures (though I wouldn’t mind acquiring Scott 6 if he goes on sale.) I bought Freak 5 because he was only $1.99. Good deal! After I bought the Achilles face I realized that I still have no texture sets for the G3M! None, except the one he came with. I suppose I’ll have to do something about that one of these days. 😛 Liked the look of Ali’s new hair prop; bought it at his store instead of Renderosity.

Then there were the Halloween-themed indulgences:

v4cr_a-jezebeth-02 v4cr_sv7-possessed-1  v4cr_sv7-giggles lightsi_ultra-ring-lights-01 holidays_1971s-hat-house-1

Already mentioned why I picked up Jezabeth. The Possessed V4 texture was a good deal and I generally like this vendor’s textures; buying it was pretty much inevitable. Maddelerium’s store is on sale at Renderosity, and so I bought Kelsey V4, which in turn allowed me to get Giggles V4 for free (part of the current Halloween deals at the store.) Stan M4 now has an equally creepy female counterpart! The Ring Light set was inexpensive and since it’s for Iray, I figure it’ll come in handy — and I like some of the special effects. Finally, the Hat House…cute and toony!

Wow, I still buy a lot of stuff for V4.


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