ISO: Heavily freckled male textures

I have Caleb M4/Genesis, Edinburgh M4, Ethnique Nathen (forgot him), and the V4 Male face from Bell A4, which I converted to M4, but none of them have freckles like this guy:


I was playing around with the male Bell texture on M4 and it really doesn’t even come close:


I’d settle for a female texture if it worked; I’ve adapted female textures to males before. So any suggestions?

Also, eyebrows are a pain in the butt. Why are male eyebrows so high on so many textures?


12 thoughts on “ISO: Heavily freckled male textures

    • Thanks for the suggestion!

      Forgot to mention I have Nathen too. He’s pretty good, but the freckle density still isn’t quite there. I suspect I’m not going to find what I’m looking for and I’ll have to come up with something else.

  1. I made an m3 heavily freckled texture eons ago … what we used to call ‘turkey egg’ style, with so many freckles they start to blend together, but I haven’t made a newer version. I should probably do that, since I’m set up to make m4 textures already. I have two I made on my website CyclopsStudio, however neither of those are freckled. If you still can’t find one, let me know and I’ll move ‘Copper’ (my planned redhead) to the top of my list.

    • I’ll keep an eye out for Copper, preferably seeing him sooner rather than later. Will you be selling it at Renderosity?

      There is also the free Irish Ginger for V4. I’m not real enthusiastic about the brow and lip textures, but that’s easy enough to tailor to my own preferences.

      I’m going to go see what it looks like on a Genesis dude…

      • Well my first two, Silver and Gold, are in my subscriber only section at my site. I suppose I could send them out into the big bad world though … I seem to be having trouble getting more subscribers. With all the lockdowns that the big sites have on outside advertising it is super hard to get the word out.

        Any rate .. I’m finishing up a lolita dress set today and then I’ll have a look at finishing up Copper.

        On eyebrows … did you know that on average the male hairline is higher and more square than the female? this influences where we feel eyebrows should go on a male face rather than a female. if you change the hairline, you may find the brow location works better for you.

        • I added your site to link widget! I have no idea if that will help you any, but maybe a few folks will wander your way.

          I’ll keep an eye out for Copper.

          I didn’t know that about male eyebrows.

          My main issue is that the brows on the texture often sit too high above the eyes and it’s then harder to get them low enough for morphed faces. The young man in the picture above, for example, has lower brows. I know he’s frowning/squinting a bit, but a lot of men don’t have as much lid space between brows and eyes the way many women do.

          Using the dials to pull down the brows and raise the eyes helps, but the mesh can only do so much before weird stuff starts to happen.

          • I haven’t noticed that as much, but I often find I need to go in and take out weird mirrored brows and replace them with matching but non mirrored ones.
            Might also be a function of the heavier brow ridges on most males – not all but many. One of the things classic portrait art teaches you is what makes a face ‘male’ or ‘female’. The differences are often very subtle
            Thanks for adding my site to your link thing !

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