I’m rather embarrassed to see I haven’t posted since December!

At the moment, real life stuff continues to keep me from sitting down and doing anything much with my hobbies. I’ve hardly rendered much in these past few months and the well of inspiration for freebies continues to be a bit on the dry side. Boo!

Still, I’m aiming to at least come up with something to offer for my favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas.

Hope all the visitors to REC are enjoying the summer and being much more productive at rendering things than I am. 😛


4 thoughts on “Hey!

  1. yeah, real life does that sometimes.. it’s annoying but.. *shrug* – been there too, or rather still am. summer is happening here, finally – after we had snow on may the 19th! we just prolly had the warmest day yesterday (and then in 9 days the longest, then slowly tappitytipping towards winter again, lol).

    i’d really much enjoy one of your creations for halloween ^_^ .. meanwhile, enjoy summer too 🙂

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