HiveWire Cat

I finally picked up the HiveWire House Cat during Renderosity’s recent Wishlist 50% Off sale, along with Cayman Studio’s V4 UVs for the G3F. There’s a great set of free LAMH presets for the HW Cat so I played around with them — and I remember now why I don’t use LAMH very often. It crashes a lot. I was doing a render with the old Mil Cat and it crashed on me near 10 times before I finally gave up and rendered the scene without fur and then deleted everything but the cat and rendered it with fur. Postwork saves the day.

old kitty looks much better when fluffed…

I’m wondering now if I had so much trouble because I parented both the cat and the books to a null group. It’s the only thing I can think of that caused DS to crash every time I tried to attach the LAMH preset.

I didn’t have as many crashes with the HW kitty but DS did take its sweet time to get to the point where it rendered out the image (only crashed twice.)

HW Cat with the free LAMH presets by Saiyaness

Love this kitty; can’t wait for the dog to show up (though I have to buy the kitten too, and the HW Foal and HW Unicorn are still in my wishlist.)

I’m having a blast with these new Dawn clones. So happy to have a wider set of clothing options for her.

The G3F dress skirt broke when I used anything other than conservative leg poses but it looks cute on her. G2F pants, sweater, and boots converted perfectly. I only had to adjust the sweater to fit over the jeans.

Took Ladora V4 for a test drive and discovered none of the specular maps were attached in the 3DL materials. So I puttered a bit with the skin settings and skewed her nose — she’s a really nice character, even if she did take a little extra work.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the V4 to G3 UV utility. Once I got the hang of it, though, I realized it’s going to be very useful. I can even use one of my favorite Aiko 3 textures on the G3F now. Yay!

Even the eyelash transparency is A3. Old textures don’t come with specular maps, and often not even bump maps, so it’s taking me a while to find the right “look” for the converted textures. Also, I have noticed that if I use the Neck Length dial morph and turn it up, it deforms conformed hair props. 😕

I’ve also noticed that nail length morphs on G2F deform/break the nails on the thumbs very badly. I’ve reinstalled the G2F essentials and still have this issue. Argh! Fixed! Third reinstall was apparently the charm.

Oh those Clearance sales!

My 2018 resolution is to seriously cut back on the DS/Poser spending…but not before I sneak in a few last minute deals.

BTW, if folks haven’t picked up this prop set — Virtua Room 1 — maybe take a look at it for $3.50:

Room basics, including extra windows and doors and electrical outlets and even props.

Not high resolution, there aren’t bump maps for everything, and there are no DS materials, but that’s easy enough to work around and it’s not as if there aren’t tons of materials/shader sets available. I did a quick render after making sure the ambient channel was turned off and nothing was too plastic-shiny. Some props open, some don’t, but for the price I can deal with that.

I also picked up Blossom Girl for V4 and Ladora for V4 — the one because it’s a cute fairy outfit and I like the umbrella prop and the other because it’s a middle-aged female texture — maybe 40s/50s — and I don’t have a lot of those. She comes with DS materials too.


I luv you, Renderosity!

Okay, maybe not loving the slinky female outfit quite so much but the rest of it is looking good. I’ve been on a dieselpunk kick lately, along with the art doll morphs. 😀

I wonder who the vendors are? 1971s? Cofleck-gnorg? So it’s a new vendor! For some reason I thought this was a group thing. Also, no 3DL materials. :/

I have AntFarm’s flying car apparatus, which attaches to other vehicles, and quite a few of Petipet’s retro vehicles, but the more the merrier!

Maybe I could do a dieselpunk theme. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like that on the blog.

I bought MEC4D’s Unshaven 2 for the G2M yesterday, mainly for the African textured beard — there is nothing like that in any other beard set — but the specular setting are frustrating me. Black beards shouldn’t look gray. Even toning down the materials setting didn’t help much, and I hesitate to mess with the light’s specular setting because then the skin looks flat. Argh.

This was the specular values toned down, which was an improvement but still…

Also bought the 200+ Face Morphs for G8F. I really wanted the RareStone’s morph set, but they weren’t on sale so I’ll have to wait. I already have the G8M version of those (but not the 200+ G8M; who needs consistency??) Ha! Went on sale today; now mine…

I took the newly downloaded Dawn clothing clones for a test drive on a new dial morph character I’ve been working on. Pleased with these; straight renders with no postwork. A few issues — I didn’t do much tweaking beyond adding mesh smoothing — but good results at first try.

Used G3F stuff (except the jeans.) Tra La La Hair (edited to add that it didn’t autofit real well, which I kinda expected), Hayley Outfit, and Riot Girl. The skin textures need help; I’m still working to get them to look the way I’d like.  FWIW, G2F poses work pretty well on Dawn. Some adjustments are needed and the hand poses don’t always transfer, but considering the paucity of Dawn-specific content for DS, I’m willing to do a little extra work.

I’ve had time for rendering again, yay! Been doing more art doll inspired character projects, am working on a face morph recreating Akhenaten, did some renders with a new 3DL light set I bought a little while ago — Light Up the Dark — because lighting night scenes are a pain, and also played around a little with the Rim Light Rig. Marshian has some fun light sets for 3DL; I just need to better learn how to use them to their full potential. I also bought Popobawa for Genesis 1, along with the Sculptural Genesis Ultra Fun Kit which looks indeed like it could be fun.


Redid an old M4 project with the Light Up the Dark lights. Some G2F art doll morphs with various textures — including an Aiko 3 oldie! — and a teeny crown from a set of teeny crowns I completely forgot I had. Eyelash fail on the one V4 texture on G2F though, hmmmm. A few more variations on the recent Genesis 1 dolls — I love those Afro Pops! Rim Light Rig on a dead M4 astronaut, Popobawa with the G3F’s delightfully hooked-nose Ceridwen, and my first go at Akhenaten, using the G2M because even though the outfit is for G3M I have no appropriate G3M textures. :/  I ended up using Sol Elite for M4 because I wanted a face with some years on it and most of my G2M textures don’t have that, though maybe I should take another look at Leo 7. Last one’s the bookish MilCat I want to re-crop and make into a bookmark. 🙂