Dieselpunk/Retro Futurism: Scenes & Props


Buildings, environments, and general decor props in this post. It’s not a huge listing and I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so if there’s something not listed that you think should be, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it.

First, commercially available stuff I own (separating owned/not owned in case someone would like to see a render.) Click to view full image:


1. Nouveau Vignette; 2. Old Industrial Interior; 3. Fantasy Voyage; 4. Project Xion 1; 5. Project Xion 2; 6. Technopolis; 7. Space Base; 8. Greeble City Blocks 2; 9. Mynastropole 2; 10/11. Classic Deco; 12. Deco Redux Furniture; 13. Fifties Dinette Set; 14. Sixties Dinette Set

There’s also a Project Xion 3, which I don’t have, but it’s much the same as the previous two. The Mynastropole set is more fantasy medieval, but the plain building facade works okay — add a stylized eagle or gargoyle head.

Commercial products I don’t own (yet):


1. Tram Line; 2. Deco Vignette; 3. Deco Loby; 4. Gatsby Dance Hall; 5. Deco Club Exterior; 6. Deco Club Interior; 7. Deco Diner; 8. Paragon for Deco Club Exterior; 9. The Paragon for Deco Club Interior; 10. Tycoon Office; 11. Deco Hallway; 12. Bauhaus Hotel 13. Grand Hotel; 14. Deco Hotel; 15. i13 Art Deco; 16. Future Cityscape Density Blocks; 17. Vintage Lounge Furniture; 18. Classic Deco: Eclectic; 19. Art Deco Cabinet; 20. South Beach Deco Bar for Art Deco Cabinet; 21. Seat Bundle

The Tram Line is an acknowledged homage to the image I included in this post. A number of these are pretty old but retexturing is always an option.

Check out DreamlandModels at Renderosity. A lot of his city blocks have a vintage vibe.

Freebies inside…

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Dieselpunk & retro futuristic, basic aesthetics

Been a long time since the last content theme at REC. This one has similarities to the steampunk theme, but while steampunk has a distinct Victorian industrial aesthetic, dieselpunk and retro futuristic are a little harder to pin down. Dieselpunk can have apocalyptic or noir-ish crossover appeal and with retro futuristic, how retro is retro? Does it end with the 40s/50s? The 60s/7os? Also, both are more global in scope.

This does a pretty good job of sorting things out, I think:

“Raypunk” and “Atompunk” are what I’ve been calling retro futurism. “Cassette futurism” is something I’ve not heard of, though the Guardians of the Galaxy movies have shades of this going on. Personally, I’d ease dieselpunk back to WWI, even if it most often leans toward WWII.

I collected a few images to file away in an “aesthetics” folder. Hardly comprehensive, but they get across an overall “feel” of things, and several have nearly identical 3D analogs at Renderosity and DAZ:

As I’m big on color usage, I also collected a few color palettes:

It’s a start! Up next: scenery and props.

2018 Weekly Render: Week 04

And now a 180 from cute toon animals. Delay due to computer drama.

Not an original concept; inspired by an image I found on Pinterest. I wander around Pinterest for interesting ideas to try out in DS. Sometimes those work, sometimes not, and sometimes…eh.

Learned from this one:

  • HD takes a long time to render.
  • V4 appears to be the only character whose creature creator set included skins.
  • The bounce light didn’t like HD? Who knows; after two hours I gave up and tried different lights.
  • Once you apply the emitter shader not even applying the DS default shader will get rid of it, though it does seem to function at that point as a simple ambient setting despite being relabeled.
  • It’s not easy getting a zombie to look like she’s smiling.

Used for the first time: Wondrous Creatures for G2F, which is pretty awesome despite the overall lack of skin textures.

I have the creature ones for V4 (shown on G2F; desaturated in PSP) as well as those that came with the M4/V4 Aged bundle and the Genesis 1/M4 zombie textures, so I’m not totally bereft of suitable skin textures.

Newer textures are available, but most of them are attached to an expensive character set I don’t want.

Also used my new butterfly, which has a few morphs and movement options. I need a decent realistic butterfly and/or moth as well as a dragonfly. Gotta work on that this year.

There’s a backdrop in the render but it’s not really visible. I still use the old Art Corner 2 quite often.

Included a few light presets from this free set — useful for dramatic effects — as well as an AoA ambient light.

Just uninstalled DS 4.10

The first time DS 4.10 crashed and blue-screened my computer I was posing fingers on a Genesis figure. Gave me quite a scare but after an hour or so I got the computer back up and running.

Last night it crashed while I was looking through clothing content for high top sneakers for Kettu. 😛

This time…oh, boy, I wasn’t sure if I’d get the computer back up and running or if I’d have to take it to the computer doctor for salvaging its corpse.

Finally, after nearly all night — I went to bed at 4AM — things are back up and running.

I am now getting ready to run an entire back up of my drive, but DS 4.10 stays uninstalled as this has only happened when running that version of the program. No other program, including earlier versions of DS, has ever has crashed and taken my computer down with it.

No loss; dForce didn’t work anyway…and now maybe G8F will load without error messages re: G3F.

Before the crash, I’d finished another render with the Toonimal Kitty, this time remembering to turn off progressive rendering. For whatever reason, progressive rendering (and ambient occlusion) does not like displacement “fur.” This fur may be an imperfect solution to a minor problem, but it still looks nicer than flat skin.

Turned off the chest fur. The paws still show a distinct line at the bottom — a noise map made specifically for this little critter would likely give better results for the paws. The muzzle fur is separate, so it’s easy enough to adjust to match the rest of the body.

The tongue could use more specular sharpness. As for the eyes, they’re different from what I’m used to working with. The pupils seem cone-like.

Kitty comes with a decent number of morphs and expressions even before adding the CDI morph set.

I think I’ll make some DS 4 materials for the maps for both the Kitty and the Puppy. Show a little TLC for some old content.

Meanwhile, I will add high top recs in the comments…