Weekly Render: Week 07

Barely squeaked this one in! Might be more Week 08 than 07 but…eh, close enough. (Got preoccupied with other stuff — and downloading and installing a bunch of Blowout M4/V4 stuff I bought didn’t help any.)

Savage Beast

I’ve used the Long Snouted and Fork Horn Dragons but I don’t think I ever used the Water Dragon before. Scary looking critter.

And that piano is from the very ancient DAZ music bundle, which is long gone from the store. (Ha! It’s still there!) G2F in the Boulevard Dress again. I use that dress a lot. Also used some of Rons Splashes and Rons Birds.

Another Pinterest-inspired image. I was going to do G3M with a cello but it was faster to pose G2F with a piano.

Among the multiple purchases this month — all mocking my new year resolution to cut back on the spending — was the new HiveWire Big Dog. Took the doggy for a test drive using the LAMH short hair 1 preset, with the Black Labrador texture:

There is a slight spotty effect on the fur, which I suspect is due to the lights I used. I’ll have to play around a little more with this. Nice doggy though! Looking forward to seeing some of the other breeds. And the puppy.

Still plugging away on theme stuff, and I’m trying to think up some freebies.


CDI Morphs info for Kettu

A quick and dirty overview. The dials are mostly similar throughout the various sets, though the older ones might have a few less. Gender-swapping morphs included in all but Faerime A4 and Boopsie G4, which are head morph sets only and include a few specific A4 and G4 dials.

The store previews usually show the pre-dialed presets for bodies and faces, with the former exaggerated and stylized and the latter toonish.

Inside, for a few large images…

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Experiments in Kit-Bashing Dieselpunk

Ophelia 7 wearing the shirt, gloves, and elbow pads from Soldier 2.0 for G3F; pants from Veteran War Dog M4; free boots from Kireta 1 M4; elbow pads from Tango Down V4; aviator headgear from Vintage Aviator G2M with the hair bangs from Steam Pilot V4; Shoulder Bandage M4, cigar from Steam Cowboy M4; ammo belts from Western Outlaw G2M, dog tags from V4 Air Crew and bullet necklace from one of Chris Cox’s free jewelry sets. Stand is one of AntFarm’s Base Camps and the barrel is from DM’s Port DM 07.

The ammo belts were a pain to work onto a female figure, even after smooshing her breasts down and trying to simply parent and scale. The bullets were hugely distorted. I tidied them up some in PSP but they’re still sad-looking. The shoes are separate right and left foot props, so I just parented them to Ophelia’s feet and posed them from there. Autofitting did an awful job on them.

Edited to add: I also applied a Push Modifier to each boot — I think at 0.35 — to accommodate the baggy pant bottoms. The boots have morphs to move the sides in or out, so that helped too.

Not much kit-bashing with Dusk. He’s mostly wearing the Panzer Crew M4 outfit, with the free bag from Messenger M4 and Dusk’s Combat Boots. The aviator goggles were an old RDNA freebie — so old they were fitted for M2. He’s posing with the free Corporal Hydra Motorcycle (still working on the surface materials for that one.) Free base by Cybrea (Rendo freestuff.)

Okay, the last one isn’t exactly kit-bashing. I just wanted to show Michael 3 in a recolored version of the Daedalus Sky Mercenary outfit. All I did was take the textures into Paint Shop Pro and convert them to black and white, with a few adjustments for contrast. Dawn is wearing the hat from V4 Air Crew and the Elegant Dress for G3F. I think the heels were an RDNA freebie too. An AntFarm Base Camp base again, this time less shiny.

I think the silver materials on his outfit could be a little duller though.

Might try a few more. DAZ Studio crashed on me when I was doing a Genesis and G3M kit-bash. RedZ hair sets are great looking but they’re temperamental. I accidentally deleted G3M and when I undeleted him the fiber hair prop somehow unfitted itself from his head. Then when I refitted the hair to G3M, DS crashed.

So I said some bad words and shut it all down for the day. ­čśŤ


Dieselpunk/Retro Futuristic: Dieselpunk Clothes & Accessories

More references. A┬ájumble of WWI/WWII uniforms, aviator-style outfits, and factory/mechanic clothing like coveralls, baggy pants, and t-shirts. Some noir aesthetics too, a dash of retro futurism, a little industrial fantasy, and a general grungy — almost sloppy — military look that has crossover with post apocalyptic themes.

A little something for everyone!

Long list of budget-wrecking goodies and freebies inside…

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