Weekly Render: Week 12

Run away! Run away!

That is a very tiny David 5. 🙂

Also featuring March Madness buys — the HMS Victory and Miniature Worlds — and the DAZ Octopus. The octopus was part of a bundle I got for free way back in Oct 2007 and this is the first time I’ve used it. I guess there’s hope for similarly dusty old stuff in my runtime…

Inspired by this image, which I found on Pinterest, so this is by no means my own original idea. I just wanted to see if I could more or less duplicate it. It’s cute!

I just added the fleeing tiny human, who could probably be even tinier but it’s not like I’m going to worry about real life proportions with something like this.

Weekly Render: Week 11

Barely keeping on schedule now. See? I knew that earlier blitz wouldn’t last.

Elijah 7’s feet with the HiveWire Big Dog, who’s wearing his new doggy bandanna (which, admittedly, isn’t very visible, but it’s there.) Used the LAMH Short Hair 01 preset this time around and ditched progressive rendering. The results were better, I think. Maybe the tongue could look more slobbery though.

I need more practice at depth of field. I eyeball things via the perspective camera view thingie, but still not quite getting the hang of it.

Lots of posts this weekend!

Dieselpunk & Retro Futurism: Retro References

Pulp covers…gotta love ’em, weird as they are — I especially like the ones with the women who look like they’re wearing clear plastic baggies in space.

Commercial and freebie clothes and accessories up next. Still hunting around; store searches tend not to be very useful.

(Now the theme song from The Jetsons is stuck in my head. Gah!)

Header image has David 5 (Neo texture) wearing the boots and pants from A3 Sky Command, the shirt from Space Defenders: Security Officer for M4, jetpack from Cyber Chic for V4, the head gear from Future Wilderness for Genesis, and the helmet from Midnight Rocketeer for V4.


Morphs for the free Antonia figure

Darkangel would like to spread the word about an exclusive product at the Fantasies Realms store: Advanced Antonia Morphs by AfroditeOhki

I don’t have this figure, but as a die-hard dial spinner the list of included morphs looks quite useful.

While the morph set is not free — an Easter sale is imminent! — Antonia herself is and can be downloaded here or here.

There are useful links included at the morph set’s product page and at the second figure download link.

DS crashed my Windows again!

Argh!! This time, though, the culprit was Gwennili HD for G3F. I picked her up when she was in Fast Grab because I liked the scar option as well as the dirty overlay that came with her.

But she was a problem child from the get-go.

First, I wanted to darken her skin color because the render I had in mind needed a darker-skinned woman. Strangely, altering the diffuse color made no change. I thought maybe it would only show up when I rendered it — why this would be different from any other character, I don’t know — but she never rendered.

So I cleared the scene, closed DS, opened it again and reloaded her with the default 3DL materials and then just rendered her to see what she looked like.

She rendered all black. Solid.


So I adjusted her skin settings from AoA to UberSurface, hit the render button and…nothing.

Again, she never rendered.

Cleared the scene again, closed down DS, opened DS, reloaded the character, and tried a second time. After 30 minutes of nothing happening I canceled the render, and in doing so froze DS. I couldn’t get anything to work, including Task Manager, and had to shut the machine down, which then resulted in Windows not loading and me yelling and swearing.

The computer is now up and running — yay!! — but the hubby is calling a computer person to check this out.

I have no idea what went so wrong. My only guess is that she loads up some big files for the normals, though I’m not sure they’re any worse than other HD morphs / normals I’ve used in the past. But I have noticed clothing and figures that make use of normals do slow down my DS a lot, so it’s likely a mechanical issue on my end that needs fixing.

In the meantime, Gwennili is in exile…

Edited to add: On a less grumpy note, my second attempt at making bread went much better, though I probably should’ve used two baking pans:

not a food blog-quality photo…

I made this for my dad’s birthday because it seemed like his kind of bread: Easy Artisan Bacon-Cheddar Bread.

Biggest change I made was raising the dough in a large square plastic container because the first time I used my grandmother’s old yellow baking bowl, which is big, but the dough kind of…obliterated it. The bread tasted fine, but the texture was a little more dense, less crumb-like. Also, I used less salt this time around; there’s plenty of salt in bacon and cheese.

I also made homemade tomato wild rice soup and loaded oatmeal cookies (loaded as in adding raisins, walnuts, and chocolate chips), so we ate well that day. 🙂