Weekly Render: Week 09

a gift-giving magpie (or maybe a sorcerer boyfriend who likes to turn himself into birds)

That’s a bird with a peony in its beak. Posing was a bit annoying; couldn’t seem to get a decent angle to show the bird and flower.

HiveWire House Cat (or here) HiveWire Big Dog (or here), Castle Window, 1860 Crinoline Dress G2F, PixiePerfect Hair G2F, Noggin’s Crows, and Darling Flowers.

Really busy these past few weeks, but still working on the latest blog theme. I’ve discovered that I have very little in the way of Retro Futuristic type clothing. How this can be, I have no idea!

Not render-related, but today I baked bread for the first time in my life. I’ve felt intimidated by that whole yeast thing in the past but finally gave it a shot. It wasn’t a 100% success, but pretty close. Going to try this again with a much larger container for the rising dough.

19 thoughts on “Weekly Render: Week 09

  1. We used to bake pirozhki back then in the late 80s and early 90s when the oven was still functional. Gas stoves are a pain to fix, so it’s only been bliny since then. Funny how stuff you participate in as a child stays with you kinda forever…

    • I think those are called perogies over here in the states. My college boyfriend, who had Polish heritage, introduced them to me way back in college. Yummy!

      Sorry, but what is bliny?

      Yup, that hazy fuzz of childhood memories. I have a number of them, mostly good. Quite a few ridiculous, like the time my mother was making a cake and started the oven on fire and my dad ran in with a garden hose to put it out. I was maybe 5 or 6 — it was very exciting to watch all the adults running around screaming. Probably would’ve been less funny had anything else started on fire though…

      • If he was Polish, that could’ve been a different dish. Here’s what I was talking about:

        Bliny are a special type of pancakes. The thin variety. The thick variety here is called “oladyi” and they aren’t half as fun IMO. You can wrap all sorts of stuff in a blin. With an olady, you’re basically limited to putting stuff on top of it.

        That must’ve been an old oven =)
        But it’s cool that what you learn in childhood never really goes away. Like riding a bike. Mostly physical stuff, but then most of my basic astronomy, biology and physical geography knowledge came from the books I’d read as a pre-schooler. Lasted well into juniour high. But then physical geography ended and political started… Africa was the worst. The classroom had maps from the 70s but we were required to speak about the current situation. Which didn’t feel any relevant anyway… I mean, we were teens in post-Soviet Russia, violence in the streets, financial crisis, and they tell you to study the problems of some African countries you’ve never heard of!
        Did you like political geography classes as a kid?

  2. You’re right; different food thing. The names just sound alike (at least to my American ear.) Stuffed bread looks very tasty indeed. I’ve had crepes before, usually with a fruit-filling.

    The area where I live had a lot of Norwegian immigrants, so I grew up eating stuff like lefsa — a thin potato bread — and krumkake. Man, it’s been years since I’ve had a krumkake…

  3. Oh, and I don’t remember much about political geography, not before high school. Things have probably changed by now, though. The world’s a different place now than when I was young and young people today are a lot more savvy about the world and events than I ever was at their age.

    • So they likely didn’t make you memorise those African countries LOL
      One thing that seems to stay the same is that people are always at war over something insignificant!

      • Nope, but at least I know Africa is a continent and not a country, unlike some folks over here.There are some sadly ignorant people here, but I’m sure that can be said for just about every country around the world. It’s not like Americans have any monopoly on ignorance or plain old stupidity.

        There should be more women in power. It wouldn’t fix all of humanity’s problems but the world would be a little less violent.

        I know there are lots of decent men in the world but somehow it’s mostly the sociopaths who end up in power. Nice guys finish last and all that.

          • It’s not about females being “better” than males, it’s about women being half the population but underrepresented in governments around the world. (And yes, women can be absolutely awful too.)

            I read an article not long ago about studies showing how female politicians, on average, are more willing to compromise and focus more on legislation involving women’s issues, children, healthcare, education, social issues, and are less hawkish in regards to war.

            All positives, imo. Lots of men also share these interests and work alongside female colleagues to pass related legislation.

            I don’t feel that all politicians are evil or hopelessly corrupt, including those whose political views don’t align with mine. But corruption and moneyed interests in politics is clearly a big problem world-wide. The worst abusers rise to power more than they should, perhaps because they have so few scruples. The decent ones continue to try to legislate in good faith. Sometimes they even get things done.

            The world looked very different a hundred years ago than it does today, and will be very different a hundred years from now. I certainly don’t think all humankind’s problems will be magically solved by more gender equality around the world but it will help and is a necessary step.

            The problem people will always be around, the challenge is to keep them from getting into power where they can do so much damage.

            Anyway, this is interesting stuff but not really suited to a blog about 3D freebies and stuff. Far too easy to offend folks when subjects touch on politics and religion.

            • I hope one day the very word “gender” – as in, a bunch of social stereotypes somehow attached to someone’s chromosomal makeup and/or external sexual characteristics – will be obsolete.

              Along with other social stereotypes, cumbersome “traditions” (like university curricula dominated by lectures) and everything else that only exists in our minds but breeds suffering and hinders productivity.

              • I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with gender, per se, it’s just that too many people attach a value judgment to any variation outside their comfort zone. Same goes for ethnicity, religion. It would be nice to see our differences — biological, cultural — as positives rather than negatives.

                A lot of us do try to be better people; that’s about all we can hope for sometimes.

                Agree that it would be much better if everyone saw each other as human beings first, before slapping a bunch of labels on each other. As you say, these labels are constructs of culture. If we constructed them, we can deconstruct them.

                Easier said than done, though, as some have been pounded into us for thousands of years.

                • There’s a big problem, though: quite a lot of people define their idea of being “good people” by those stereotypes that have been pounded, as you say, into them. Like, they may not necessarily be religious, but they will not be educated enough to know that gender is not defined by instincts or whatever but simply by culture. And so these people will buy into the idea that those who do not conform to that binary gender thing (whichever way their culture interprets this) are somehow “sick” and need to be “cured”, etc. And they will think it’s a good thing to, say, send their non-binary kid to some psychiatric institution against their will. Or to imprison those who provide counceling to gay teens (because “homosexuality is against nature” and can be “instigated”, again, they are not educated enough to know it happens among other mammals and that human sexuality is not a flavour of the month thing). They will think it’s all good.

                  Ignorance is the biggest reason behind all the problems we have.

                  I do think that it will take a yet another leap of technology to see this whole mess deconstructed – for one, without a working and widely available artificial uterus, biological females will continue to get judged by their fertility (like, you have The Womb, gotta make use of it; some go as far as to say it’s a “duty” to have children). Females will keep on being “protected” in this or that way because without them humankind will die out. They will remain “the Other”. But being able to grow new humans in vats basically will open up a completely different cultural paradigm.

                  This is a prerequisite to actual equality.

                  It’s definitely not going to be easy to get there, but supposing we manage to limit the overpopulation and don’t ruin the environment to the point of us all dying out, we should arrive there in a couple thousand years, I think =)

  4. I understand that, and ignorance/lack of education is a huge issue. People aren’t born hating.

    It’s a matter of numbers, I suppose. Once there are enough people who feel strongly about treating all folks humanely, then the tide will turn. Progress, moving with the speed of a glacier!

    It’s fascinating to try and imagine where humanity will be in a couple thousand years, especially since we’re on the cusp of being able to alter our very evolution.

    • True.

      Oh yeah. Today dystopias in the Mad Max style seem to be the most popular thing in mass-produced SF, but I much prefer… how should we call them? Technological utopias? Not in the sense that “everyone is happy and has as many AI slaves as necessary”, but in the sense that humanity has managed to evolve into something more with the help of technology.
      Something like this: http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/seven-wonders-of-a-once-and-future-world/

      • It’s a little like the Star Trek vs the Star Wars universes, one is bright and shiny and mostly positive whereas the other is dark, grim, and sometimes the good guys lose. I do like them both, but I think with me it’s a mood thing.

        Overall, I’m not a big fan of the grim, dark, and violent view. I can enjoy it, but in small doses.

        Oh and thanks for that story link — not heard of that site before. Bookmarked!

        • I like them both, but only specific parts of both =)
          Violent and dark is what I prefer in fantasy and cyberpunk settings. Sort of makes sense there.
          And you’re welcome! =)

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