Morphs for the free Antonia figure

Darkangel would like to spread the word about an exclusive product at the Fantasies Realms store: Advanced Antonia Morphs by AfroditeOhki

I don’t have this figure, but as a die-hard dial spinner the list of included morphs looks quite useful.

While the morph set is not free — an Easter sale is imminent! — Antonia herself is and can be downloaded here or here.

There are useful links included at the morph set’s product page and at the second figure download link.

23 thoughts on “Morphs for the free Antonia figure

    • No problem!

      Already included the links to Antonia. 😀

      I included both because there are some useful links on one of them.

      • OMG, those additional links did not get added to the store part and I know I wrote them down…LOL Don’t you just love programs that eat stuff you want to show or bald face lie to you and say that it was done when it wasn’t…happened when I plopped it into the store, said it was done but totally nowhere in sight…LOL
        Will Rectify that right now.

  1. The only downside about this set is that it’s all PMD. At least, the RDNA version was. So this set’s not that friendly towards current DS users who don’t have Poser.

    • This is from her readme — several she includes:

      Usage tips

      -These morphs are in PMD format, meaning only the versions of Poser above 6 can read them. [b]Also, there is a plugin for Daz Studio to support PMD morphs, however I cannot give you any support for this, as I do not use Daz Studio.[/b]

      -The Injection (and Remove) pose is located in the Pose library. It already injects extra information, such as morph limits, morph grouping, etc. If you save a character in Character library with them injected, they will be injected and working if you reload that character; however, such a file is for your use only.

      -The morphs have forced limits to avoid them causing distortions. However, some combinations of morphs can cause distortions as well, even with limits. Please use your discretion when combining morphs.

      -The Anime Face can’t blink with Antonia’s regular blink morphs due to the shape of the eyes with that morph. In this package there are blink morphs included specific for the Anime Face morph, located right next to Antonia’s regular blinks. When using Anime Face with a value lower than 1, please use a combination of the regular and Anime specific blinks to make that character blink.

      -To use most character packs that use these morphs, you will need to inject the morphs first. If you wish, you can inject the morphs to Antonia Standard and save that to your library as a new character, so you can load her already with the morphs to make it easier for you. That saved character is for your personal use – do not distribute it.

      • Hi Angel,
        It’s 2018, so it would be cool if the author bothered to update the readme. There _used_to_be_ a PMD injector for DS _3_ . None for DS4.x, ever. And since these don’t come as a CR2 but as a PZ2 injection, DS4.x has never been able to read them.

        I bought those long ago at RDNA, so I had a DS3 format scene file saved with these injected, and then I saved out a non-PMD CR2 from that scene. This is still usable in DS4.x.

        But a 4.x DS user who has no Poser or an ancient DS3 installation handy, now they would be stuck. You’re in charge of the shop, right? You may want to put up a warning.

    • My bad.

      I had mentioned she was primarily a Poser figure but must’ve accidentally deleted that when I did the final edit (I tend to be too verbose on first drafts, heh.)

      I had Antonia installed at one point in DS3 but uninstalled her because I just don’t need any more figures. If anything, I have too many.

      Not a problem Poser users have these days, unfortunately. 😦

    • Thanks for answering. I was just curious.

      Glad they found a new home with you then.

      Wish a few more products over there had found new homes too.

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