Weekly Render: Week 11

Barely keeping on schedule now. See? I knew that earlier blitz wouldn’t last.

Elijah 7’s feet with the HiveWire Big Dog, who’s wearing his new doggy bandanna (which, admittedly, isn’t very visible, but it’s there.) Used the LAMH Short Hair 01 preset this time around and ditched progressive rendering. The results were better, I think. Maybe the tongue could look more slobbery though.

I need more practice at depth of field. I eyeball things via the perspective camera view thingie, but still not quite getting the hang of it.

Lots of posts this weekend!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Render: Week 11

  1. There’s this script:

    And if you scroll down for mCasual’s post, he provides an extra script to create a null at the point of your currently selected mesh that is closest to your current camera.

    These two take care of the focus distance, and then you just need the f-stop. Which can go way over real-world photo values if you want a close-up shot (the distance is less than 100).

    • And you are the goddess of DS scripts! Thank you!

      What I should have done was play around with the DOF settings before I attached the LAMH preset, because that takes a long time to render.

      I could’ve deleted the preset, I suppose, and then fiddled with settings. Didn’t occur to me at the time. Duh.

      Ah well. The more renders I do, the more I learn.

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