Art Doll 02 for Genesis – Version 2

DOWNLOAD: Art Doll 02 for Genesis V. 2

Expanded version of the dial morph in this post. I’ve added separate presets for three heads and two bodies, with a couple fix presets for the eyes.

The bodies are mostly the same except the second one has a slightly slimmer neck and minor adjustments to the limbs. The faces are also similar but with various small changes to the eyes, nose, and mouth.

  1. Load the “Basic Child” Genesis figure
  2. Add a head and body preset, turning off limits when prompted
  3. Add the mesh smoothing modifier to the figure (optional, but recommended)

Same batch of morphs required for these: Genesis Evolution: Head & Body MorphsGenesis Head Morph Resource Kit 2, and DieTrying’s 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis (free.)

Please let me know if you run into any issues with this.

Credits: The old Art Corner 2 backdrop and free MF Chair. The dollies are wearing textures from The Candy Factory for Hitomi and eyelashes from Dolled Up for V4/G1/G2F. Hair props are JenaDe Hair G1, AfroPops Hair G2F, and Two Phase Bob Hair G2/3F. Clothes are Urban Survivors G2M/F, hoodie from Mall Girl G1, Casual Wear Overalls G2F, shoes from Casual Autumn G1, and Duffle Dream G2F.

More inside…

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Pulp Pose Project: WIP 02

Our lovely models:

The poses; still need a little work:

That couple pose is not playing nice. I probably won’t get it to look exactly like the cover model, but a little closer should be possible. With the female pose, the cover didn’t show much of her legs so I just went for suitably dramatic. Same goes for the male pose, though the angle of the legs isn’t quite right yet.

I’ll get the third set in shape, then go back and do some fine-tuning before I start conversions. Whee!!

Weekly Render: Week 16


Wasn’t feeling good the past few days, blah. Got a couple new poses done though, so it was a minimally productive week.

Used two freebies in this one: DryJack’s Old Shack and tricycle from the Rusty Junk Set 1. Also used the old RDNA Volumetric Field — it has motion/wind morphs — and the Grassy Grounds Megapack. Some months back I picked up Nature’s Variance – Shaders and Props, so I tried out the shader on one of the trees that came with the set as well as a vine prop from the Cottage Plants 1. Also hauled out the LoRez Crow. Light was the 7PM preset from SunLIGHT DS.

Fun with primitives

A cube with a plain water texture and then a plane with a caustics texture below it and under the G1 figure. It was an experiment to see how it would work.

Limited results due to the textures themselves — perspective is all wrong — and it didn’t really give the illusion of depth I was hoping for, but it was worth a try.

I’d like to try a render project similar to this concept:

Biggest problem: it would be hard to find a hair prop that would convincingly look like it was floating on water.

Also, I’ve not had much luck getting water materials to look good. I have UltruMarine, but that’s for underwater scenes. I don’t have Ocean Wide, by the same vendor, but maybe that would be better than using a cube and/or plane with a displacement map. Then again, while that prop might look more realistic, a flatter plane would probably work better with a “floating hair” prop, providing one even exists.

Any ideas for a hair prop that can do this? I have SAV Zero Gravity Hair but, again, it’s one better adapted to underwater scenes. Also have Warrior Wet Hair G3M and Christine Hair V4, both are close but lying flat in the wrong direction (great for any floating Ophelia render projects though.)

Not that dForce works for me, but I wonder if this is one of those instances where it would do exactly what I needed?

For Kettu, Dawn’s Small Shoulders morph examples

Hope this helps!

Arms down 100%, L to R: Default, Small Shoulders +50%, Small Shoulders -50%, Small Shoulders -100%


Arms down 100%, Small Shoulders -50%, side and back views


Arms down 75%, forward 50%, Small Shoulders -50%, front/side/back views


Arms (whoops; typo!) down 75%, Back 50%, Default/Small Shoulders +50%


Arms up 75%, forward 50%, Small Shoulders -50%, front/back/side views


Arms up 75%, Back 50%, Default, Small Shoulders +50%, Small Shoulders -50%


Small Shoulder morph +50% on modified Dawn body, V4 autofit clone results (last one is actually Dawn clothing!)


Small Shoulder morph +50% on modified Dawn body, Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 autofit clone results

As mentioned earlier, the -100% setting is into “creature territory,” but obviously the morph isn’t intended for this kind of usage. Also, the vendor mentioned it’s mainly intended for “arms down” type of poses. I don’t think it looks too bad with arms up, but some of those examples have arms in positions I personally wouldn’t use much.

For its intended purpose, I think it’s an excellent product and well worth the investment.