Dieselpunk & Retro Futurism: Toon Stuff

There was more kit-bashing goodness for toons than I expected.

Original flavor Sadie and Sam wearing free bodysuits, free helmet from Cookie Spacegirl, and free gloves from Sadie Modern Girl 03. Sam is wearing the free Wellingtons and Sadie the boots from Sadie-Fae Fantasy. The chest piece and Sam’s bracers are from Fantasy Hero for Sam and they’re wearing the belt from Spacey Sadie.

Commercial clothing I own:


01. Star! 50s Dress; 02. Cookie Coat; 03. Cosmic Cookie Outfit; 04. Mad Scientist for Gramps; 05. Sadie Fae-Fantasy; 06. Lily Sonnette for Sadie (no longer available) 07. Poodles & Sox for Sadie; 08. Spacey Sadie (no longer available); 09. Fantasy Hero for Sam (no longer available); 10. My Hero Sam; 11. Fantasy Wear for Toon Generations 1

A decent mix of items to use for toony projects. There’s even a Cookie Coat for a little toony noir! The Star 50s Dress and Poodles & Sox aren’t particularly retro futuristic but they’re period-style clothing, so I included them.

A few outfits are no longer available, sadly, but dedicated Sadie/Sam users may have them squirreled away in their runtimes.

The Cosmic Cookie dress makes me wonder if I can attach tori — not the plural I’d expected for torus — to clothes and boots…

Commercial clothing I don’t own (yet):


01. Space Defenders: Communications Officer for Cookie; 02. Space Defenders: Nurse for Cookie; 03. Super Suit Bundle for Cookie & Chip; 04. Endeavor Plus for Cookie; 05. Space Scout Sadie; 06. My Heroine Sadie; 07. Toon MoonWalker for Toon Generations 1; 08. The Little Heroes for Toon Generations 1; 09. The Little Aviators for Toon Generations 1

Space Cadet for Sadie used to have a texture add-on at DAZ but it’s gone now. The MoonWalker and The Little Heroes sets include nice prop extras.

Commercial extras I own:

01. Cosmic Hair for Cookie

Commercial extras I don’t own (yet):


01. Lazer Cat; 02. Skunk Hair for Cookie; 03. Replacement Parts for Cookie

Lazer Cat is crazy cute. I should buy it one of these days!

Freebies inside…




01. Texture Challenge 7 for Star!; 02. Texture Challenge 36 for Star!; 03. Sadie Modern Girl 1; 0x. Sadie’s Full Bodysuit; 0x. Leotard for Sadie; 0x. Sam’s Full Bodysuit; 04. Evo Party Dress for Evo Girl; 05. x Conforming Christmas Outfit for Cookie; 06. Cookie Overalls; 07. Space Girl for Cookie; 08. Toy Soldiers for Chip; 09. Cookie Casual Jacket; 10. Smart Cookie for Cookie; 11. Cookie & Chip Academics; 12. Gumdrop Bodysuit; 13. Gumdrops Space; 14. Gumdrop Mechanics; 15. Gumdrop Overalls; 16. Gumdrop Scientist; 17. Gumdrop Conductor & Engineer; 18. Gumdrops Scotland Piper; 19. Gumdrop Cape (there’s also a Cookie/Chip version)

TreasureChest Cookie/Chip Page: http://trumarcar.francemi.net/cookiechip_tc.htm

TreasureChest Gumdrops Page: http://trumarcar.francemi.net/gumdrop_tc.htm

The helmet and boots for Space Girl Cookie will work on Chip. I don’t know of any free bodysuits for Star! or Cookie/Chip. There is always the option to texture the body as a second skin, of course, but it’s nice to have bodysuits with lots of material zones. There are remapping utilities for Cookie and Chip here, but they require the RTE Encoder — the only links I have for that are via the Wayback Machine here and here. (I often had trouble with it, so rarely use it anymore.)

The orbit props from Evo Party Dress are separate and can be used on other figures. The Cookie Casual Jacket could be textured to look like a flight jacket. The academic gown can be used as a base outfit for an evil overlord a la Ming the Merciless. The conductor outfit and the jacket from Scotland Piper are good for toony dieselpunk.

Smart Cookie isn’t retro futuristic but, again, it’s period-style clothing so I included it here.

Extra Stuff:


01. Bootzzz for Cookie; 02. DS9 Boots for Cookie; 03. Sadie Modern Girl 3; 04. Wellington Boots for Sam; 05. Space Helmet for Cookie & Chip from 3DToons Space and Beyond

A small, but decent, selection of space suit accessories. The gloves from Modern Girl 3 fit Sam after a bit of tweaking. In the header image I used a combination mesh smoothing and push modifier since I was fitting things to a bodysuit rather than just Sam.

Next up: Things I forgot or missed or were released after I started the listing.

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