Weekly Render: Week 14

I bought the Aging Morphs 2 Bundle during March Madness. Aging morphs definitely a gap in my Genesis content — and morphs in general are lacking in my Genesis 2 content.

A more Edwardian-looking hair prop would be better, but out of the huge number of hair props I already own, an Edwardian bun style wasn’t among them. (Here’s one, but of course I didn’t have it; it’s now in my wishlist.)

I ended up using Jade Hair V4. I like it, especially its “messy” option, but the big poof overhanging the forehead makes for more shadows than I’d wanted. I guess I could’ve experimented with the lighting to better minimize it.

The skin texture is from the Aged M4/V4 bundle. Bump map could’ve been stronger; it’s too smooth. I didn’t use the displacement map that came with the set because I figured it wouldn’t work well with the HD aging morphs. I have other aged textures, but this one doesn’t have major painted-in seams and wrinkles.

I combined two collars from Romance Collar V4 and a free neck ruff, along with the Squid Jewelry, which was a give-away for an event I’ve since forgotten. I love that squid! The chain looked a little on the thin side, so I added a push modifer with a very small setting. I could’ve given her squid earrings too, but maybe squid overkill?

Dress is the Victorian Gown for G2F.

Update! I just had to tinker more with this one. Added an hdri light, subd to the hair and added ambient color to the skull cap, increased the subd level on G2F, added a texture to the black collar (it was diffuse color with a trans map originally) and fiddled around a little more with her features. Also increased the bump map settings, though the lips are still too line-free imo. Maybe I should try to find a different bump map for the lips.

Definitely need to play around more with these morphs.


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