Dieselpunk/Retro Futuristic: The “What I Missed” Edition

And this concludes the dieselpunk/retro futuristic theme! I hope it inspires a few renders. I have freebies in mind to add later, but I’ll get to that in a bit…

First, for Kettu, since I missed a whole bunch from Cybertenko’s store! 😛 With so many dieselpunk and retro futuristic products I’d have to include half his store, which is silly since you can just go visit and see for yourself. But here are a few notables:


01. Great War Mech; 02./03. RetroBot; 04. Biograph Odeon; 05. Sci-Fi Modular Living; 06. Modesty Space Yacht; 07. Red Army Soldier; 08./09. Red Army: Regulator; 10. Red Army Officer

The mechs and retro bots are great! Some noir-ish and retro sci-fi stuff. The Red Army sets are dieselpunk-friendly. Cybertenko is a Poser-only vendor, so DS users will need to invest a little time in adjusting materials.

Again, there are several other vendors at Renderosity — EdArt3D, Kanaa, Coflek-gnorg, and 1971s — who have loads of stuff to play with re: this particular theme. A few favorites from these talented folks (wish I had zillions of dollars so I could support them more than I do):


01. Lodicod Device; 02. Command Panels; 03. Diva Hat; 04. Morphing Raygun & Poses G3F; 05. Morphing Funny Flying Saucer; 06. Morphing Funny Rocket; 07. JetBee; 08. Technomages Time Machine; 09. Anode Technomages; 10. Iron Base; 11. Technomages Devils Head; 12. Iron Shark; 13. First Base On Mars; 14. Astronaut House; 15. My Little Planet; 16. Nitaka Atlantis; 17. Moonbeam 33; 18. Starship Wanda; 19. Bogart Z

I recently picked up the Lodicod; love it! EdArt3D has a lot of products that are just plain fun and quirky — they’re DS4/iray only though. The Kanaa props are great for detail and ambiance, but the one I bought is a static prop only — no moving parts, like opening doors. Same goes for 1971s — whose products are just delightful — although a few products I’ve bought have had movable parts.

That Devils Head! I want it. I also want My Little Planet…

More useful stuff from other DAZ and Renderosity vendors:


01. Isireon; 02. Argos Hangar; 03; ZWorld Lightboard Signs; 04. Marquee Letters; 05. Mind Control Lab; 06. Spidi; 07. Antlantida Spaceguard; 08. Bradbury Suspended Rail System; 09. Coldwar Lab; 10. RT-Invaders; 11. Submarine Sea Bird; 12. Terran Breaching Pod; 13. Space Star Liners; 14. Future City Shuttle Transit System; 15. Ministry of Truth; 16. Kontrol Room; 17. JetBike; 18. Riding Hard V4; 19. Jodhpur Clothes G3F; 20. Ragnarok Mask G3F; 21. Classic Statues; 22. Morphing Primitives; 23. Haunebu-II WW2 Flying Saucer

Isireon looks like the lair of an evil interstellar overlord. Argos Hangar has a dieselpunk feel. Marquee/motel sign noir-worthy. The Future City props are modular; buy what you need from the vendor’s store. Jodhpurs (or riding pants) are great for your dieselpunk flyboys and flygirls. I have the V4 version; the higher waistline makes it more amenable to kit-bashing. Statues for adding Art Deco flair to environments.

When all hope is lost for finding the right prop, maybe kit-bashing something with the morphing primitives will work.

Just because…


01. Eyeball Garden 1; 02. Eyeball Garden 2; 03. Killer Bug From Outer Space; 04. Slime Beast; 05. Tentaclez 3; 06. Octopus Tentacle; 07. Tentacles

While I didn’t do a listing for organics — a wide-ranging description encompassing little green men, tentacles, sundry space monsters, and who knows what else — here’s some menacing eyeballs! Right at home on pulpy covers. Also classic space monsters and tentacles.

The Slime Beast was a DAZ weekly freebie some years back. I now regret not picking it up. 😦

The last tentacles set has poses for V4 as well as Cookie.

Also missed a few freebies:


01. 4 Radios 3DS; 02. 5 Radios 3DS; 03. Antique Radio 3DS; 04. Tech Transpho Stellacator; 05. Designer Chair; 06. Modern Chair

More radios, which I initially passed over because they’re in 3ds format and I am, I admit, a little lazy when it comes to the import thing. Also, a delightfully weird retro desk and a couple of futuristic-looking chairs.

I’m sure to still be missing a few but this should be enough to get one started on those diesepunk and/or retro futuristic projects.

8 thoughts on “Dieselpunk/Retro Futuristic: The “What I Missed” Edition

    • There are a whole bunch of those things I wish I had. Too many things in my wishlists, not enough money for them all. 😦

  1. Oops, the grabbag event is over. I should’ve grabbed faster. But the sale price is on for a while.

  2. And I thought of something else: the 70% sale lasts until the 13th, and I think Rendo is doing a grabbag before then that consists of Daz items, which would be of more interest to you.

    • It’s 3AM and I’m just checking my email, ha! A little late…

      That’s a nice saucer; I’ll add it to the listing tomorrow (later today, I suppose, is more accurate) and keep an eye out for that next grab bag event. I did see something in the newsletter about that. It’s probably a good idea to split these up between Poser and DS users.

      • I am the worst for informing people of things. The 70% sale lasts until tomorrow, the 11th, not the 13th. My uneducated guess is the grab bag event will overlap it starting around noon.

        Note to self: double-check all info before trying to share any!

        • Ha! No problem; the PSA is appreciated regardless.

          I did spend some money on those grab bags for DS — one was fairly useful, the other two not so much. The Aiko 8 character presets in particular since I don’t have Aiko 8 and am not remotely interested in picking her up either.

          Most of my shopping was for Genesis 2 and Victoria 4. Oldies but goodies!

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