Future project stuff

I wanted to do a freebie for the dieselpunk/retro futuristic theme but had trouble coming up with ideas. I’ve decided to do several small pose sets inspired by pulp fiction covers. Cheesy, but fun!

Maybe three or four pose sets, with mirrors if applicable, for M4/V4, the various Genesis figures, and Dawn/Dusk. Possibly Sadie/Sam and Cookie/Chip too.

While I’m putzing around with poses I’d also like to start something for the HiveWire figures. It would be lovely if I could get a few other folks to participate, though I’m not sure how to go about this. There aren’t many 3D-related freebie blogs these days and I’m also not so good at the whole forum participation thing.

Kettu, are you still working on your Dawn/Dusk morph project?

My rationale for this? I’ve always had a soft spot for underdogs.

Ideas and suggestions welcome!

9 thoughts on “Future project stuff

    • And somehow there’s still never the one pose you neeeeeed. Ha!

      Or, perhaps even worse, you do have that pose but only (re)discover it, by accident, a few days later.

      • I keep trying to find the perfect organization for my pose runtime. The current version has folders labelled by pose (running, walking, etc.) and within them are folders for figures, which then either have just the pose that I moved from its original location or have folders to further subdivide the poses. The advantage is it’s easy to find, say, a diving pose, even if I need to tweak it for another figure. But it often means making labelling decisions that aren’t always easy. And sometimes the icon for the model is unclear—a pose that looks like its for a standing character might turn out to be one for a walking character, frex.

        For the anal retentive, the joy of this hobby is in being able to endlessly re-organize.

        Uh, to get back to your post, I look forward to the poses!

        • I’ve noticed poses are popular freebies. 🙂

          And, yeah…organizing content. Fun times!

          My runtime is ruthlessly organized, even now an evolving beast.

          I’ve separated out poses by commercial and free, and then by figure. I have separate folders for group and couple pose sets. That’s as complicated as I go, for now.

          What I do though is save the promos for pose sets — and whatever is available for freebies — and rename each image starting with the figure identifier — V4, G1, G3F, etc. — and then the name of the pose set:

          Poses_Figure_Pose Set Name_01, 02, 03 and so on

          It’s still unwieldy, but it’s quicker that way to browse through my huge poses catalog and it’s also easier to see what the actual poses look like. Small thumbs aren’t very helpful.

          I save promo images for all my content, freebies included, and file them in folders organized (more or less) to match the folders in my runtime.

          Props are a challenge though. I have so many, and some are hard to classify, that I still regularly “lose” things.

          • I want mine to be more organized but right now it is not. I have a runtime for the V4girls with subs of hair, jewelry, back drops I mainly use for them. But since they are more blessed than me in clothing…LOL, that has a runtime of its own. Then there is the other runtimes: M4, buildings, plants, transportation, hivewire, k4, toons, creatures,halloween and xmas all with subs for items. Works for now so that is fine.

            Someday they might make an organizer for Macs and that may help or hinder, ya never know. sorry for any spelling errors, it got frightfully cold during the night (wind-rain-snow) a tornado watch and Kansas is tsill freezing so fingers arr not working right at all.

            • I only have one runtime. I feel like I’m missing out on the fun!

              You’re having sleet AND a tornado watch? Stay safe; horrible weather. It’s sleeting and windy here too; we may have to postpone the grocery store run tomorrow until things are a little less icy.

              I’m tired of this weather. I want to start gardening.

              The bunnies and cranes and robins probably aren’t too happy either.

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