Speaking of Dawn…

Narrow Shoulders for Dawn

A really nice utility, for both Poser and DS users.

I was wondering if there would be any issues using it with the various autofit clones I have for Dawn and so I gave it a try:

No problems at all.

Applied at 65% strength on my Angie preset, and she has a more slender build than the default Dawn. Outfit is Riot Girl for G3F.

(( The stockings work fine too but I can never seem to get stockings to render without leaving blotches all over the legs. Very annoying. ))

8 thoughts on “Speaking of Dawn…

  1. I think the one in the SE package just makes her a little smaller in overall volume in the shoulder area. I can’t remember exactly.

    It makes Dawn more versatile? Or are you being sarcastic? It’s the internet; hard to tell sometimes, even with the smilies…

    So those Dusk/Dawn morphs? Did you decide not to do them after all?

    • Ah yeah, you’re right; it mostly controls delt development and general slope. I just never felt the need to move it to the right because Dawn’s default shoulder width is about the “average average value” that we could glean from online sources.

      So – kinda sarcastic, yeah. It just cracks me up how so many people in the hobby 3D scene go, “We want realism! We want real-world characters”, but so few realise that DAZ figures have shoulders that are markedly below real-world average width (and the end of the “shoulder width” slider only moves this width outside the average value by half an inch per side max).

      I’m wondering now if this utility can be used in reverse, to make Dawn’s shoulders wider. I’m used to simply scaling the collar joints (works on any figure), but there may be rigging adjustments in here that could help counter bend issues if they were to appear…

      I think I answered the yes/no question in some other comment. So I’ll add that I also want to release my de-wasping morph for Dawn’s waist. That “corset cinch” bothers me a lot. In that regard, DAZ figures tend to be a bit less stylised.

      • I thought it was sarcasm, as I vaguely recall a conversation with you involving the puny shoulders of the DAZ females. Ha!

        Anyway, I turned off the limits on the narrow shoulders utility and at around -40% or -50% her wider shoulders looked fine to my eye. At -100% though we’re in creature territory. Which is okay; that’s not what the utility was built for.

        Want some renders? I’d be happy to post a few.

        I’ve scaled down the shoulders on K4 before and one of my little “art doll” morphs for Genesis has quite narrow shoulders as part of her stylized body shape. Some of that was scaling; tops with straps don’t fit as smoothly as a result. It’s that way sometimes…you fix one thing and break another. 😛

        I just bought Dawn’s Body Shapes for a bit over $6.00; there’s some waistline and torso length options, which will be useful.

        But the de-wasping morph would be great! I don’t want to pester you if real life is crazy — I know how stressful that can be — but maybe we can coordinate something with your morphs for a HiveWire figure theme. It’s up to you.

        • Oh that would be cool, thanks! If you could render a couple of poses, with an arm raised and with an arm moved back, it would be awesome.

          I think I should be able to focus on preparing stuff for release in about six weeks, when May is over. When do you plan to launch your theme?

          • I’ll try and get to the poses later on tonight or tomorrow. The end of the week got unexpectedly busy.

            June sounds fine. A good project for summer. 🙂

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