Pulp Pose Project: WIP 01

The plan is to do three sets, with each set including a couple pose, then a separate female and male pose. This should be doable, providing it doesn’t take too much time to convert the poses to multiple other figures. (I have several pose converters but results still need fine-tuning.)

Here’s what I’m doing for the first set. Starting with M4/V4 and will go to the various Genesis figures and Dawn and Dusk from there.

The inspirations:



Probably will tweak this batch a bit more. And I’ll do mirror poses as well.

Would like some feedback though on scaling. The couple pose would look better if I scaled the female down a little. The scaling would have to be baked into the pose preset. So is this okay or should I assume most folks would prefer to do that kind of adjusting on their own?

2 thoughts on “Pulp Pose Project: WIP 01

  1. Looking good!

    I’d suggest you let people do their own adjusting, or provide a scaled and an unscaled version. Hmm. Or do couples as M4 and S4?

    • Yeah, that’s generally my feeling too. People make their own characters and don’t like poses that mess with the scaling.

      Adding adjustment presets would be more work for me but I’m sure I’ll find a way to cope though. 😛

      OTOH, I didn’t bother with this when I did the Haunted House Poses set. Lots of downloads on that one here as well as at Renderosity and no one complained.

      The biggest problem is adjusting to account for where body parts, especially hands, touch.

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