Pulp Pose Project: WIP 02

Our lovely models:

The poses; still need a little work:

That couple pose is not playing nice. I probably won’t get it to look exactly like the cover model, but a little closer should be possible. With the female pose, the cover didn’t show much of her legs so I just went for suitably dramatic. Same goes for the male pose, though the angle of the legs isn’t quite right yet.

I’ll get the third set in shape, then go back and do some fine-tuning before I start conversions. Whee!!

4 thoughts on “Pulp Pose Project: WIP 02

  1. You have to expect some variation because the cover artists could cheat in ways 3d artists can’t. And vice versa.

    These look like very useful poses.

    • True. Some of those poses look downright painful. Still, I’d like to get as close as I can if only because some of the weirder contortions are part of the charm. 🙂

      Well, that and the expressions.

      And I’m still wondering what’s going on with the woman standing behind the guy who’s about to go up in flames. She looks far too cheerful for someone hanging out in a fiery spaceship.

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