Art Doll 02 for Genesis – Version 2

DOWNLOAD: Art Doll 02 for Genesis V. 2

Expanded version of the dial morph in this post. I’ve added separate presets for three heads and two bodies, with a couple fix presets for the eyes.

The bodies are mostly the same except the second one has a slightly slimmer neck and minor adjustments to the limbs. The faces are also similar but with various small changes to the eyes, nose, and mouth.

  1. Load the “Basic Child” Genesis figure
  2. Add a head and body preset, turning off limits when prompted
  3. Add the mesh smoothing modifier to the figure (optional, but recommended)

Same batch of morphs required for these: Genesis Evolution: Head & Body MorphsGenesis Head Morph Resource Kit 2, and DieTrying’s 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis (free.)

Please let me know if you run into any issues with this.

Credits: The old Art Corner 2 backdrop and free MF Chair. The dollies are wearing textures from The Candy Factory for Hitomi and eyelashes from Dolled Up for V4/G1/G2F. Hair props are JenaDe Hair G1, AfroPops Hair G2F, and Two Phase Bob Hair G2/3F. Clothes are Urban Survivors G2M/F, hoodie from Mall Girl G1, Casual Wear Overalls G2F, shoes from Casual Autumn G1, and Duffle Dream G2F.

More inside…

Morph works for boy dolls too, just dial down the lashes a bit.

First boy is wearing the Hiro 5 texture. The couple in the second image are wearing textures and clothes from the Odd Bundle, which I picked up some time back for either really cheap or for free. First time I’ve used it. 🙂

For comparison’s sake:

Face previews:

Head A, no smoothing modifier


Head B, no smoothing modifier


Head C, no smoothing modifier


Heads A – C, smoothing modifier added


The smoothing modifier helps ease the eye to cheek curve; less exaggerated. The cheek line is less noticeable when a texture is applied, and I like the exaggerated look too, but it’s nice to have an option to smooth it out.

2 thoughts on “Art Doll 02 for Genesis – Version 2

    • You’re most welcome taishobee! I was hoping you’d drop by and pick them up since you’d commented on them before. 🙂

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