Weekly Renders: Week 18


Ah, very busy this past week. Falling behind on all my scheduled fun stuff, boo! And I have to take one of the cats to the vet in a few hours. Not my favorite task (or hers; she’ll howl the entire 15 minutes of the trip from within her little kitty carrier.)

This one is because I bought a bunch of V4 things at Renderosity — those 60% – 80% off sales, plus grab bag deal, were too hard to resist.

So Ashen for V4 on my Art Doll morph for V4. I messed with the skin settings to get her pale rather than pinkish. Also used the Sheriwyn Hair that had been at RDNA — it’s old, but I still like it — and Lily Nymph V4 with a shader from Phoebe’s Fancy – Shaders for DS and Poser.

Today’s weekly render brought to you by the color red!

Weekly Renders: Week 17


Past time for a render with a male figure.

Not sure what the problem was with this one, but it took forever to render. I wanted to do a larger version, but it would’ve taken hours and hours and I just don’t have the patience for that.

It was probably all those leaf transparency maps. I used the Nature’s Variance shaders but, alas, it didn’t have an option to turn off ambient occlusion. It also loses the diffuse map detail; even with bump maps added, it doesn’t work real well with closeups. The original maps come with “tints” for the leaves, but they didn’t look quite right to my eye. Maybe I should experiment more with the surface settings.

ANYway, did this one because I recently bought Poseable Trees with Ivy. It was a lot easier posing the tree branches to work with the character than the other way around, so in that respect the weekly render was a success. Really like this tree prop.

G2M wearing the Troubadour outfit, Midnight Prince Hair M4 and the V4 male face version from the Bell V4/A4 texture, converted to M4 in TC2. Also used the Autumn Leaves prop.

I also really like that Troubadour outfit; will have to find more projects for it.