Speaking of that Victoria b-day sale at DAZ

Those old V4 Male character textures might be worth a look.

A lot of folks didn’t like them but they’ll work on older generations of Genesis males (G2M and G3M will require a little extra work and/or the purchase of a UV utility.)

Never used these on V4 — converted them to M4 — and completely forgot I had Jinn:

On the original Genesis, using the Ethnicity for Genesis morphs.

I didn’t fiddle with surface settings; default 3DL materials and a light set with strong specular values, so he’s a little shiny.

I’m done buying for the month but I’ve added Zere, also by Morris, to the wishlist for the next big Generation 4 sale.

And here’s a test render with the default Lee 7 base figure:


Again, I converted this to M4 years ago with UTC2, so it was possible to use the Legacy M4 UV converter utility on the G3M.

7 thoughts on “Speaking of that Victoria b-day sale at DAZ

    • You’re welcome!

      The extra details for the Jinn texture are nice, though I’m personally not big on tattoos or face/body paint. I rarely use options like those in renders, but I guess it’s nice to have them just in case.

      I tried Zena V4 on Monique 6 and it looked pretty good too.

      I’m going to test drive the Jinn texture on Lee 7, if only because I still haven’t quite mastered how to use those UV geoshell products I’ve bought. It usually takes me a few tries before things work, even when I follow the directions. LOL

      • I’m not sure I’ll ever use those tattoos – but those scars are great. I can paint scars, but it’s tedious because you need to work with all three maps at once (diffuse/gloss/relief). So when I see a photo-based ready-made scar… huge selling point!

        Those UV geograft combos are fiddly, it’s true. Sometimes the script doesn’t take at once, sometimes it randomly un-applies the grafts on rendering… I only have the Gen3 to G3 one, and I only tolerate this level of “fiddliness” because it’s still the simplest and fastest way to use those pretty old skins on a newer figure.

        Oh BTW, you should be able to load V4’s obj file from the Geometries as a new UV map for M4 in DS (and the other way around). There’s a menu item somewhere in the surfaces tab dropdown (sorry can’t be more specific because not on the computer right now).

        • The scar might’ve been nicer with a displacement map, but I like it — it’s not overly dramatic.

          I have the Gen3 to G3 one in my wishlist but haven’t picked it up because I long ago converted nearly all the M3/V3/H3/A3 textures I really liked over to M4 and V4. Still would be nice to have at some point though.

          Interesting about the UV maps. I’ll have to check it out! The main reason I bought Mina Enchanced M4 some years back was so that I could use V4’s maps on M4. Not a huge need for it, but at the time I really wanted to use Surreality’s Angel Equinox textures on M4 without having to convert all of them with UTC2. That would’ve been a major pain.

          • From looking at the bump maps it looks pretty easy to transfer the scar portions to a displacement map if necessary. There’s no JPEG compression artefacts or stuff like that.

            Haha, I see 🙂 Must’ve taken a lot of time? I figured out how to convert maps via Blender, but it’s kinda boring and then I’m always wary of seams because I hate fixing them…

            Here’s a screenshot!

            • Oooo, it’s like magic!

              This must be a feature available only in the newer versions of DAZ? Anyway, I can say good-bye to using UTC2 for converting any Generation 4 textures to each other. YESSSSSS!

              Still useful for converting Generation 3 to Gen 4, though — and the other direction too. I’ve been slowly converting the Gen4 Elite textures to M3/V3 since I still haul them out from time to time and they look pretty decent with nicer textures.

              • It’s been there at least since DS4 rolled out, I think. Not that much promoted, but yeah, it’s handy indeed 🙂 Glad you like it!

                I wish there was a converter for Gen2 UVs. I really like V2 and the original Stephanie, but their textures show their age. Even the good ones are so small in resolution 😦
                It should be possible in theory to line up the meshes and run map conversions in Blender, but this alignment has to be done manually vertex by vertex… and it’s just so time-consuming and boring. With Gen3 to Gen4, I used Genesis in one of the Gen3 shapes and an actual Gen3 figure, so all this heavy lifting had been already done by DAZ Genesis clones.

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