It’s Halloween season again!

Where did the summer go? We barely had one this year.

I have a little freebie for Halloween that will be over at the Fantasies Attic Halloween page:

Not sure when it’ll go up, though. Just a few backgrounds, for those who might be inclined toward fancy Halloween stuff:

I want to try something with cornfields and scarecrows but it all depends on how much time it might take.

Still very delinquent on those retro poses (and feeling a little guilty about it!) Will might be the only person interested in them? The M4/V4 ones are done; I just have to make thumbs, double check that they work, and package them up. Maybe I’ll try to do that this weekend.

I bought a new 3DL shader — aweShading Kit — and want to play with that too, but this weekend is pretty much my only free one for the rest of the month…

19 thoughts on “It’s Halloween season again!

    • Thanks for both the shout out about the annual gifties to all and for the Hallow freebie you donated. They are gorgeous and just think how many “sexy” witches of all creaturs you can add to them for portraits and such. I love them and they will be going up soon too, especially since they are Hallow themed.

    • As always, thanks for your advice! I have the this topic bookmarked as well as the 3DL thread in the Commons, as some stuff is being posted there are well.

      The PDF manuals are nice as far as explaining things go. I’m going to start with a small project and work up from there.

  1. Good to see you posting again! I don’t use backgrounds, but those look very nice. And I am looking forward to the retro poses!

  2. Retro poses up! Hope you guys have fun with them. The cheesier fun the better!

    Some folks don’t have much use for backgrounds, I know. It’s okay; everyone has their thing. I’m working on some sexy witches for DarkAngel. 🙂

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