Retro SciFi Pulp Poses

Very late with these, and so far only M4 and V4. I do intend to convert them to other figures, but it could be a while. (Feel free to convert them yourself, if so inclined, rather than waiting for my tardy arse to get them done.)

Download here: Retro SciFi Pulp Poses for M4/V4

Let me know if there are any issues with the zip file. I did throw this together in a bit of a rush. I’ve kept Will waiting for far too long. 😛

A few previews, for references:

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

And to keep this post holiday-themed, a cornfield background image! I did have a chance to get this idea done. (I did NOT get a chance to play with the new DS shader, but I have two forum topics bookmarked, have read both PDF manuals, and will get to it soon.)

Click to view the full image (3000×3000) and then save. Commercial renders allowed.

The only freebie I used in that one is the wooden sign by Powerage, and commercial render use allowed per the readme file.

2 thoughts on “Retro SciFi Pulp Poses

  1. The poses are lovely! You make me want many, many more. I especially like the golden age optimism of the people pointing at the future. It’s so perfectly early 20th century.

    And the background is great too. This is an excellent start to Halloween.

    • Thank you! And who knows; I could be inspired to make a few more later on!

      First up is converting, though. I finished the individual V4 conversions for the Genesis 1 Female yesterday. Picking away at them, slowly but surely. The hardest will be converting to Dusk and Dawn, as there are no handy utilities to help with those figures.

      I agree about the 50s/early 60s optimism re: the future. We could use more of that optimism in today’s world.

      I’ve wanted to do cornfield backgrounds for a while and finally bought the cornstalk set by Orestes over at DAZ. It’s iray only but not difficult to convert to 3DL.

      There’s a nice free cornstalk prop at ShareCG by Ethin, both for Poser and DS. That one comes with
      a number of morphs, unlike the DAZ set. Same goes for the pumpkins by Ethin, in comparison to the Orestes pumpkin bundle.

      The Orestes products do come with time-saving preloads, so there is that.

      With my next idea, I’ll probably mix the two sets of cornstalk props.

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