Sexy Witches

Well, my definition isn’t “DAZ sexy,” but to each their own and all that. Showing a couple of the free Halloween Shabby Chic backgrounds in use:

Stephanie 5, with extra morph dialing, strikes a confidently menacing pose (borrowed from M5.)

Dialed G2F hamming it up with the HW House Cat and the old Noggin’s Rat with its stripey texture.

Baby Luna in a kit-bashed Halloween fascinator and V4 tutu. Redz made a nice free hair set for Luna, which you can download here.

Speaking of PA freebies, anyone remember the rag doll DAZ holiday freebie from way back in 2006? Had a little fun texturing her this week:

A more old-fashioned gothic look. I decided to try a G3F hair prop on her, which required much scaling and translating, lol! The buttons eyes are fake, but now that I think about, the RDNA Deaddy Bear had separate button eye props. Maybe Samedi did as well. I’ll have to check and see if I can steal ’em for the rag doll.

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