A few seasonal renders

Waving good-bye to Halloween 2018 with several little renders inspired by images from Pinterest — if I see something I like, I wonder if I can get a close approximation in DS. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but always worth the effort (especially when it means I finally render stuff that’s been sitting around neglected for a long time.)

Applied a Topaz Clean filter on this one at 100% strength, something I don’t do very often. Used a few shaders to retexture an oldie — The Iron Gate — and it took a few tries to get the fallen leaves and the tree leaves to look closer in color to each other.

Picket Fence from another oldie — 3 Raven Court Expansion. Also finally used a few XFrog tree freebies I’d had sitting around for a while.

The old Toonimal Kitty returns! By now, I’ve accumulated a lot of witch hats…

Maybe I’ll try and get back to the weekly render thing. I kind of lost the drive after my kitty died, but it would be good to start up again.

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