And one more

Monique 6 gets a little witchy. For some reason, this year I’m into witches wearing old-fashioned dresses. Plopped an exaggerated witch hat on her traditional African headwrap. Mixing up Victorian, African, and toony, ha!

Anyway, it was an experiment to see if the textures/normals from the Epic Pumpkin Pack would work on Ethin’s free pumpkin, and they do. Saves me some time retexturing things when I want a pumpkin with morphs.

The little round box she’s holding is from a set I forgot I had: Magic Containers. Nice props in that one; a little unusual too.

4 thoughts on “And one more

  1. Glad you like my Magic Containers 🙂 Recognized that ball right off in the render – geek note, the design on it is the Seal of Solomon used to contain djinni and ifriit

    • Delighted to share a render with your stuff! I really, really like this set; should do more with them.

      And that’s awesome about the djinni and ifriit; I can add Arabic folklore to my mish-mash. I was going for a Pandora’s Box kind of thing too!

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