Halloween Shabby Chic textures for Floors-N-Walls

A little late for Halloween, I know. Let’s just say it’s really early instead. 😛

Download Halloween Shabby Chic texture for Floors-N-Walls (182 MB!)

Required: Floors-N-Walls (free)

Info: DAZ Studio only duf format; I haven’t gotten around to making any other material files. The textures for the Floors-N-Walls are all image map based though, so Poser users could add these textures manually.

There are a bunch of mix-n-match presets for the wall, panel, floor, and trim. Some are purely Halloween-related, others more neutral. There are plain wood and plain plaster presets, including “tintable” options.

Edited to add: These are basic DS default materials. They’re very simple and should convert fine to iray, ubersurface, or other shaders of choice.

Again, I made these for the free background set for the Fantasy Attic’s 2018 Halloween Gift Page (Day 10) and the bonus background here.

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial renders.

Bonus texture; no image maps just tiling so this one is DS only. You’ll need the free Kamelian Wall Megapack.

Also, for a little extra variety you can add this architectural detail prop to the Floors-N-Walls:

It’s free; download it here: Base and Crown Molding

It’s not texture-map friendly because of the scaling requirements but it looks pretty good with just plain old diffuse coloring.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Shabby Chic textures for Floors-N-Walls

  1. What a nice freebie. Thank you. Have been studying your backgrounds lots of cool stuff to hunt for on the internet. I noticed that you had dressed Scarry Cherry. How did you do that?

    • Thanks! I started those backgrounds back at the end of August and did a lot of kit-bashing type stuff that never ended up in any of the backgrounds, but I had fun doing it.

      The Mil3 Baby clothing seems to work pretty well on Scary Cherry with a little scaling/translation and parenting and simple poses. The outfit I used was Moonbaby for Mil3 Baby, altered a bit in PSP

      The shoes were from a Maddie outfit; same with manual adjustments to fit and then parenting to her feet.

  2. Sweet! Thank you. I was thinking it could be Pippin or that EvilInnocense has a cross dresser plug in for her but to know that mil baby 3 will work is good information. It is a shame that no one had made her any clothes. Poor baby.

    • I didn’t think to try any of Pippin’s clothing on her, or any of Baby Luna’s clothes for that matter.

      And I agree it’s a shame she never had any clothes. I’m still a little sad she’s gone. There isn’t anything like her (or Skelly Bear) anywhere.

      Cherry doesn’t bend much so I stick with skirts or dresses, though I’ve gotten the MilBaby diaper to work okay on her too.

  3. I think this kind of information would be good for the Poser and DAZ Freebie site. Even though you can’t get her anymore there may be someone like me that has her but no clue how to get her dressed.
    I also think that this kind of conundrum, how to dress Cherry, is what the wiki could help with. Since you have made textures for her, she will still get a page and we can point people to possibilities to make her that great scary dolly that she can be.
    I do agree about the loss. Just before RNDA closed their doors I downloaded all of the freebies in the freebie section. I have a few of the freebies offered in the forums but did not get the chance to download any more. A sad day. Did the same for PoserDirect. I hear though that Mr. Sparky found a home at the fantasies attic.

    • Sharing info is always useful, I agree. No reason for people to keep reinventing the wheel, so to speak, if someone has already figured a work-around.

      I’m going to take a look at Luna’s clothes, although there aren’t a lot available for that figure. The shape looks fairly close to Cherry’s.

      Glad to hear Mr Sparky’s wonderful freebies found a home at FA!

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