Nos got hair

Don’t laugh! It’s my first attempt with the Garibaldi Hair System. All things considered, it worked pretty well and it’s easy to use. Mostly it’ll be a matter of playing around a lot to get an idea of what does what.

The tutorial at the website is straight-forward. My only quibble is that it didn’t discuss how to save the results. I saved this one as a wearable preset rather than a scene (or a scene asset, which I’ve never used; what is that anyway?)

But there’s a lengthy Garibaldi topic at the DAZ forum which I’ve yet to read through to its end. Maybe my question will be answered there. At any rate, it’s sure to provide more info. So off I go to see what nuggets of wisdom I can find.


Okay, I have read through all 50+ pages on the forum and I’m off to read through the wiki. Lots of good info on forum. Whee!

Unlike LAMH, GH didn’t have a free “player,” but now that the utility is free and that’s no longer an issue. I wonder if there will be an uptick in hairy or furry freebies?

Anyway, Nos could use something more exciting than a bushy circle on the top of his head. πŸ˜›

6 thoughts on “Nos got hair

    • Thanks! It’s a very rudimentary attempt, but I see lots of possibilities once I sit my butt down and seriously play with it.

  1. A scene subset is just a handy way of saving out one or more specific items from a scene. Like, you have built a full scene and you want to save out its cameras, lights and the ground prop for later reuse.

    • That would be an easier way of saving lights than the way I do it now for sure. Just another of the many, many DS4 features I’ve failed to utilize…

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