Budget Wrecking and it’s not even Black Friday yet!

DAZ only gets my money when a sale doesn’t require me to buy a new/still new release. Not using iray, dforce, or Genesis 8 much, so usually I ignore the sales and just keep an eye on Fastgrab and wishlist sale notices.

But that Temporary PC sale this weekend! Lots of $2.99 items that were in my wishlist — and a few that weren’t, but still bought them (I try to stick to wishlist-only purchases but great discounts are hard to pass up.)

Millenium Puppy, Dolly Changable Hair Expansion G3F, Easier Pose Creation for G3F & G8F, LY Leonine Pro HDR Lighting, Marquee Letters, Simply Casual Boxers and Shirts G2M, The Photo Room, Above the Fog 3DL & Iray, SPEX for Genesis, Everyday Wardrobe Jeans and Shirt G2F, Long Pigtail Anime Hair G3F G8F, Hand Knits: Shader Presets 3DL & Iray and Merchant ResourceLegacy UVs for Genesis 3: Special Edition – Victoria 3Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: Victoria 6Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: Genesis 2 Male and Michael 6, and Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: Victoria 5.

A decent haul! Probably can’t afford any Black Friday sales now, though. Oh, the tragedy…

Three Two more UV legacy utilities to go and I’ll have all the ones I want. These are a little tricky to use, but I do like them and how they expand the value of past purchases. I’m figure-agnostic at this point, and older content is still good content.

The HW Big Dog will get puppies eventually. They seem to be in the pipeline, but the Millenium Puppy was a steal at that price. Couldn’t pass it by.

Already had Dolly Changable Hair G3F; the add-on was a no-brainer. It’s a pretty hair prop with several options and easy to fit to other figures like Dawn and V4.

I really like it when pose sets include separate upper and lower presets, and this one is for both G3F and G8F. I don’t have much in the way of poses for G3F, and even less for G8F, so this will go long way toward filling that void. Poses are reasonable, not too pinup-ish.

The HDR lighting set looks fairly easy to use. Lighting was never my strong point; basic light sets are always worth picking up.

I don’t have anything like Marquee Lights and it’s a welcome addition to my content library, even if it’s iray only.

The casual set for G2M is really nice. Multiple material zones and plenty of morphs. I especially like the “dropped in a pile on the floor” morphs. Reminds me of when my son was still living at home…

The Photo Room is fantastic. Could easily change its “mood” by switching to different styles of furniture.

Above the Fog looks to be a handy prop set, and it’s for both 3DL and iray. I don’t think I have any “god ray” utilities, so that’s a nice extra.

I can always use more glasses. Had my eye on SPEX for a while, but never got around to picking it up. I was using the very old glasses set for Victoria 2 — geometry switching! — but this is a worthy substitute.

The Everyday Wardrobe set for G2F is a practical one, and the sleeveless shirt and capri options could work for retro 50s/60s styles.

The anime pigtail hair is pretty and looks easy to refit to other figures. Toon hair used to be harder to find in the old days.

The hand-knit shader set is great but it is HUGE! Four separate downloads (831MB, 895MB, 750MB, and 498 MB.) Each tiles is 4096 x 4096, saved in jpg format, with height, roughness, and normal maps. (And there are identical thumbs as well as tips, gah!) First thing I did was to reduce the tile image file sizes, get rid of the 90×90 thumbs, and rename the tip.png thumbs. Probably cut the product size by half, if not a little more.

Some of the color options were a little odd. No red, but chartreuse? I could’ve done without chartreuse. A color called “Rhubarb” could be adjusted to a darker red, but I still thought this an odd omission. Most definitely worth the purchase, though. Nearly all the knit resources I have are Filter Forge ones; not much variety. Others I’ve bought didn’t come with bump maps.

And I also picked up a couple Fastgrab items, expanding my G3F clothing library a bit more:

Both make up a single outfit — April Rain Gear G3F and April Rain Undergarments G3F. Cute set, and the undergarments look nicely versatile too.

And all this doesn’t include a few purchases I made from HiveWire and Renderosity, ha! I now have the HW Unicorn. So pretty! I wonder what the ribbon mane from the SkeleHorse will look like on the unicorn? Hmmm…I’ll have to give that a try.

8 thoughts on “Budget Wrecking and it’s not even Black Friday yet!

  1. 4096×4096, but… jpeg? Sort of defeats the idea of 4K maps. And normal/displacement maps as jpeg…
    They could’ve saved on size not by using lossy compression, but by not including those arbitrary recolours. First of all… who ever needs a flood-fill recolour?!
    Moreover, it’s a merchant resource, so it would have made more sense to include masks for the patterns, so that any user could fill in their own colours in an image editor. Way fewer textures to upload = way better quality of each individual image could have been presented.

    *sighs* “DAZ QA”, they say. Yeah right.

    • For me, I feel the set could have been much better optimized — tiles that large aren’t necessary — but the textures themselves are quite nice. I don’t have anything comparable to that chunky, hand-knit look.

      I’ll use them more in the capacity of “merchant resource” than as shaders, but I think they’d be useful for those folks who just want the convenience of shaders, either 3DL or Iray, and don’t want to mess around with things in an image editor.

      Some of the colors offered don’t strike me as particularly useful, but there are white and gray tiles and with those I can just use diffuse color to meet my needs.

      And re: the pre-colored tiles, it’s easier to make lighter colors darker than the other way around, so maybe that’s why the vendor went with lighter colors.

      Anyway, for $2.99 it was a worthwhile purchase. 🙂

        • Agree about the jpg file format; png files would’ve been better and most normal maps I have are either tif or bmp.

          I don’t have any 3D apps so that never would’ve crossed my mind. I’m very much a hobbyist and much of 3D is now beyond my budget and/or skills. Maybe some folks think my stuff is crap and my renders as well, but I do what makes me happy and that’s good enough.

          BTW, I just noticed that you closed your Radium Demesne blog. Is that a permanent thing or might you open it up again? You worked so hard on a lot of resources and tutorials, and it would be a shame to lose them. But I can understand not wanting the bother of it all.

          • I don’t get paid for 3D either, but Substance Painter is “the” app for me. It makes a lot of customisation possible that I would never have realistically achieved by messing around with textures in GIMP.

            Heh, the resources and tutorials only two or three people ever used, right? You get it right. The law of diminishing returns and all that. If I ever get a request for a specific tutorial, I will put it up on shareCG; but most people these days only want video tutorials, which I happen to hate with a passion.

            • That looks like a nice application. More of a time (and financial) investment than I’d be willing to make at this point. I’ve put off buying a new computer for the time being as well. I’ll just continue to use what I can (a decision that saves me lots of money at DAZ for sure.)

              I don’t like video tutorials at all. I have to constantly pause them when I’m trying to learn something, like with the recent Garibaldi video tutorial. It gets the job done, but it’s a lot easier for me to toggle back and forth between DS and a readme file.

              I’ve saved a number of your tutorials, but I don’t think I saved the one where you explained to me how to transfer Dawn’s morphs to Dusk. If you’d ever put that one up on ShareCG, I’d link to it! I suppose the DS users of the HW figures are few, but it’s still a good thing to know.

              I’ll delete your link from the blogroll then. I just wanted to check first before doing so.

              • One of the good things about Steam is that many software developers take cues from game developers and introduce regional pricing for their apps. This is what makes Substance affordable for me =) And there are loyalty discounts for new versions.

                I don’t know how people can learn anything when they have no written text, just something to listen to. Even university lectures are only as good as the notes you take to re-read later, or if there is some sort of a large-scale experiment shown you can’t reproduce in a student lab. And with video tutorials, there’s always this “what the hell did they just click on?!” thing – especially these days when people insist on using “dark themes”. 😦

                Dawn to Dusk morphs, okay, I will put it up as soon as I have some time. Realistically it’s going to be about mid-December because we have all sorts of insanity going on at work right now =)

                Sure =)

                • No problem; whenever you get it done is fine. I have your original post linked somewhere on this blog and it would be nice to have the info back.

                  I’ve started updating links here. So far I’ve made it through 2013 and a few months of 2014. What a pain. But I suppose that’s the downside of focusing on freebies — most of them go away eventually.

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