A little more budget wrecking after all

Only two items from Renderosity — 50% off over there is a good deal.

I bought Oh My Brows for G3F/G3M and Oh My Body Hair G3M.

I don’t do much in the way of beefcake renders, but the body hair set has partial presets — forearms, hands, lower legs, etc. — which makes it more useful for my needs. If not for those partials I probably would have passed on it.

I’ve had the brow bundle in my wishlist for ages, so glad I finally cleared that one out. Also, the brows should work okay on other figures with some manual adjustments. Not sure how autofit clones would work with these.

Slowly but surely increasing my Genesis 3 content library.

I’m trying to buy only from my wishlists, and from there only those I consider top priority. That’s twelve products at DAZ and six each from Renderosity and Hivewire. (My DAZ wishlist is five pages long, so it gets doubled.)

For the heck of it, here are my (current) top priority items from each store:

DAZ: Genevieve 7; Kalea 7; Wild Wind Hair G8F; IBL Master; Bblythe Hair G8F; BOSS Pro Lights for Iray; Killmonger Hair & Beard G3M/G8M; Lashes Utilities G2/G3/G8Ultimate Pose Mixer; The Church Props; The Gothic Library; Victorian Deco 2 Iray

I have a few more Genesis 3 base figures in my wishlist but Genevieve 7 and Kalea 7 edged ahead because 1) Genevieve looks a bit older and 2) Kalea pairs with Kimo 7, and I bought him a few weeks ago. Kenji 7, Rune 7, and Mei Lin 7 will have to wait their turn.

I buy a lot of hair props since they’re pretty easy to refit to various figures. The iray lights seem like a nice basic set to have on hand, especially since my collection of iray lights is on the thin side. I really like that the lashes utility is for multiple generations; makes it a lot more versatile. The scene/prop sets are all for render ideas I have in mind.


Hivewire: Foal for the HW Horse; Hands for Dawn & Dusk; Western Tack for the HW Horse; Tack Conversion Kit for the HW Horse; Vintage Bicycle; Body Type-2 for Dawn

The foal is the last major morph for the HW Horse I need to pick up. My HW Horse also has no gear. I figure I’d use the western saddle most, which makes it the one to buy first, and a tack conversion kit for all my older Mil Horse gear would be very useful. I hate posing hands, so yay for hand for pose sets! I have a few render ideas in mind for which the vintage bicycle would be perfect. I like the body types for Dawn and am slowly collecting them.


Renderosity: Cat Saddle for Gosha; Shrouded for V4; Helios and Kraven for H4/M4; Daily Bun Hair G3F/G8F; Ponytail Hair Basecap G3F/G8F; Girl Gear G3F/G8F

I love that cat saddle. It’s for the Mil Cat but probably wouldn’t be too hard to fit to the HW House Cat. And maybe even the old House Mouse? I don’t have anything liked Shrouded; I can see lots of uses for it and it could be adapted to other figures without much trouble. I really like the Helios/Kraven set and they’re the kind of textures that would work well on kids too. Both hair props are realistic-looking and pretty. The clothing set is versatile in itself, and parts could also be swapped around with other outfits. Those G3F/G8F duo sets certainly help to increase my paltry Genesis 8 content.

15 thoughts on “A little more budget wrecking after all

  1. Oh My Brows is great. It doesn’t survive autofit well, but you can parent the whole brow figure to your figure’s head and use scale/translate and morph dials to position the brows. You’ll need to pose the brows manually to match your base figure’s expressions, but it’s a minor inconvenience IMO. And of course when you conform them to supported figures, the expressions “just work”.

    I’ve had the Merlin’s Church bundle since forever – both the props you link to and the church itself. Awesome stuff. Well, it’s Merlin. You can’t really go wrong with this vendor.

    Lashes Utilities is also a great set. Sadly it won’t work with Poser-only figures, Genesis or the Hivewire family, but for G2 onwards it’s very robust. Blows transmapped eyelashes out of the water.

    I keep looking at that Wild Wind hair, but I’m wary of long hair props actually… For instance, there’s this longstanding trend of giving the hair this “chair-like” shape in the back:

    I’ve never seen real hair do anything like that in my life! XD

    The Cat Saddle I just bought today. I wanted to get Hivewire’s cat with the Black Friday discount, too, but there are some problems with the store… I posted on their forums, but it’s like morning where they are, and it’s Sunday meaning most people don’t work, so no idea if I will be able to complete the purchase on time.

    Girl Gear is a set I also have on my wishlist, but not as a “top priority” (BTW I wonder if we will really be able to specify priority in the Rendo wishlist? There’s a “sort by priority” right now but it doesn’t do anything).

    • Oooh, thanks for the feedback! Good to know about the brows and autofit.

      I didn’t add Merlin’s The Church to my wishlist since I have the RDNA Country Church prop. It’s old, but still nice. Merlin does excellent work; I have lots of his props.

      I’m okay with the lashes only working on Genesis figures. There’s only so much backward and forward compatibility between figures I can reasonably expect, and something like lashes are only going to be noticeable with closeups.

      I do like how Hellboy often includes multiple generations with his products. I have his Tapered Hair in my wishlist too.

      That “chair effect,” as you call it, is a an annoyance with long hair. It’s something I’d try to fix in postwork with the Mesh Warp brush, to pull it back a bit from the neck.

      It’s a pretty hair from most angles and has some nice morph options, so I think it would be a good addition to my hair content library.

      Some of AprilYSH’s recent long hair props do a decent job of falling more naturally. I have Delphi Hair G3/8F in my wishlist, partly for that reason.

      Did you end up getting the HW Cat? And do you have the old House Mouse from DAZ? If you do, could you let me know if the saddle could reasonably be refitted to that little critter? I’ll eventually pick up the saddle, but I’m curious!

      RE: Renderosity wishlist, there’s an option to move products “to the top.” I used that one a lot with clearance items to help remind me not to wait too long to buy them, but I guess Rendo is no longer doing clearance.

      • I remember that RDNA church; it’s pretty similar, true. I think I was choosing between the two at the time and chose Merlin’s bundle because it was newer and had more stuff. There was obviously some sort of a good deal involved because I’m stingy like that =D

        Yeah, Hellboy wrote on the forums he even wanted to make the lashes work with the original Genesis as well, but there was something weird about rigging that only made the G2 onwards versions possible.

        Judging by the copy, that hair seems to be boned, which s a definite plus. So in theory there may be a way to bend the bones so that the “chair” goes away… in theory. I still can’t fathom why this ever became a thing in the first place. It’s like… have they never seen real-world hair, or what?!

        Yeah, Delphi is on my wishlist too. No “chair”, and it has nice naturally falling curls. Unlike some of the more recent models…

        Oh yeah, amazingly they fixed the problem and now I have the cat, kitten and carnations =) The House Mouse, yes I do have it, so I’ll see what can be done with the saddle… the mouse would be on four legs like a real mouse, right?

        Rendo has been revamping the wishlist for some time now, so I’m not sure about what there is anymore. Like, I log in one day, click on the “price” column heading, and… nothing happens! They have introduced a dropdown like in the store, sort by oldest/newest, highest/lowest price etc. And by “priority”.

        • I might still pick up the Merlin church. It’s just not a burning need since I have a couple other church props hanging around.

          You should do a render with cats, kittens and carnations!

          Yes, the mouse on all four legs. I don’t have Gosha, but I can imagine doing something with the House Mouse (and the cat of course) and some of Nursoda’s little figures.

          I hadn’t noticed the changes at Rendo. But then the site is a bit…busy.

          Been a bit distracted recently. Our surviving old lady cat has a urinary tract infection and is having issues with incontinence. Oh joy…

          • Yeah, a render with kitties and carnations sounds great, maybe one day =) I’m sorry I didn’t manage to try the saddle on the mouse, I wanted to because it sounds so much fun, but my work and my migraine conspired against me in a particularly nasty way for the whole month basically. I just couldn’t do anything else on the computer outside what I had to do for work =( To be honest, I’m still somewhat reluctant to try and do non-work-related stuff – I was compiling some exam materials the other day and it didn’t end up well for my headache. We still have official time off until Jan 9th, but as you can imagine, some things have to be done anyway. So it looks like my winter 3D plans are not going to happen…

            Sorry about your cat =( It’s not like there are cat diapers – or are there?

            • Oh no problem,. I still haven’t gotten around to any House Mouse adventures either. But it’s on my list!

              Sorry to hear about your migraines. I used to get them, so I know how awful they can be. Hope you’re feeling better by now??

              My kitty is very old and while in good health for her age — and aside of the incontinence issue — she’s not likely to be with us much longer. She’s slowed down a lot in these past few months since her sister died. Much more sleeping, much less eating. Still can be a pain in the butt sometimes, so she’s still got a little naughty in her. 😛

              There are such things as cat diapers! Hideously expensive, and she’d have a fit if we tried to put one on her.

              An advantage of her being so old is that she doesn’t move around much and so it’s easy to “pee proof” the areas where she hangs out. The urinary tract infection is cleared up, but she’s still peeing pink pee. Either there was damage to the bladder because of the infection or there’s something worse going on, and at her age, more aggressive medical interventions just aren’t practical.

              As long as she’s not in pain and still enjoying her kitty life, I’m okay with doing an extra load of laundry each day. She’s been a loyal companion for almost 19 years now, and I’m happy to repay that with the little extra care she now requires.

              • Thanks! I’m better now, yeah, but it required some powerful pills =( Always such a nuisance, and you also need to watch if they mix well with supplements (or other pills, like for a cold). And they also make me sleepy, which is a fine thing in the evening (thankfully the publishing house did not send any extra work for the holidays LOL) but not exactly what you need during the day!

                So cat diapers do exist! Yeah I imagine it may not be an easy feat to put them on a cat… even a willing one. Which may be a purely theoretical construct, of course =))

                You’d wish sometimes they could talk or we could understand them reliably so that we’d know specifically how to try and make them feel better…

                • I’m glad you’re feeling better! Hope it stays that way for a good long while too. Nasty things, migraines.

                  I recall when both cats were little we put collars on them. Snickers was so offended by the thing that she not only managed to take off hers, but her sister’s as well. We tried a second time, same result. Gave up after that. Snickers is our drama queen. Her sister was the placid and cuddly one. Amazing how two cats from the same litter could have such drastically different personalities.

                  It would be nice to be able to communicate. Like when we have to administer pills. It’s worse than trying to give a toddler medicine! And a toddler doesn’t have sharp claws and pointy little fangs (tho Snickers only has one little fang left, she broke the other years ago and had to have it removed. Now, fangless on one side, her mouth sometimes has a sneering look. It’s kinda cute.)

    • Keeping an intelligent primate for a pet seems like a very bad idea to begin with, and that’s before taking into consideration how freakin’ strong they are.

      I know about Koko the gorilla and sign language but I didn’t realize someone had taught chimpanzees sign language too. Helpful so they can warn in advance that they’re going to rip your arms off…

      • It’s not that other apes are strong; it’s Homo Sapiens who are weak =( Just about every animal out there is stronger. I have been reading about this because I’m sort of obsessed with the issue of physical strength, and the existing explanations barely make sense. Like, the most reasonable statement is that Homo Sapiens has somehow traded the ability to fire up all muscle fibers at once (strength) for fine manual dexterity. Okay, might be true about forearms where those muscles that move our fingers reside, but what about other muscles then?!

        And there’s one thing I haven’t managed to find – it’s probably not considered politically correct to study, or maybe I need different search terms – it’s whether people from “primitive” cultures (who have no machines and do everything manually, like hunting, building etc) are as wimpy as those who grew up in the Western civilisation (assuming similar genetic makeup, so it should be dealing with those of African descent, since there are no traditional cultures remaining in Europe or Asia). And whether “white” people are wimpier than “black” or “Asian”. Like, how strong the cultural component may be and if there is any genetic component or not.

        But all in all, monkeys and apes who grow up around people (like in a circus) are rarely as violent to people as those actual wild ones that have been pictured in those videos that the English-speaking internet is talking about. They will make a mess of everything (same as an active dog would, if it had hands) and when annoyed, they will bite. Their bite is nasty – there was a “let’s put celebrities in a circus and have them learn circus occupations” reality show some years ago here, and a chimp bit one of our elderly actors who was learning how to train them. Took a while to heal.

        The chimps in experiments were raised in close contact to people and I remember that apparently they identified as humans, not monkeys. At least this is what the scientists say they say =)) The most famous chimp was Washoe (there’s a whole book about her: https://books.google.ru/books?id=_VN2QrM03MAC ) and there’s a male one still alive, I think, named Kanzi.

  2. Some years back there was an incident where a woman was visiting a friend who had a chimpanzee for a pet. The chimp went berserk for some reason and pretty much tore off the poor woman’s face. She ended up becoming one of the few people who’ve had a face transplant. Probably a milestone she’d have gladly skipped if she’d had the choice. Just a sad situation all around.

    I’d expect people in hunter/gatherer societies around the world to be physically stronger in some ways. I figure women even just a century ago would have had much more upper body strength than I do, given all the manual labor involved in washing clothes, pounding bread dough or butter churns, lugging buckets of water around, planting and harvesting crops without machinery, etc.

    That has more to do with what conditions shape our lives rather than anything genetic.

    I mean, I certainly eat better and have better health care than a woman who lived a few hundred years ago. In that way, I’d be stronger than her even if she could probably beat me up with her laundry-muscle arms. 🙂

  3. Sad story, but it’s not really the chimp’s fault, most likely. That friend wasn’t probably an expert on handling apes, right? Even if you have a “normal” pet like a cat or a dog, you need to know what to do and what not to do, or the situation may go out of control. We generally teach kids not to pull the cat’s tail or whiskers, for example, or the cat will retaliate – but we don’t really know what annoys monkeys or snakes unless we’re biologists or circus trainers, right? This is why most people shouldn’t keep wild animals, just because of lack of knowledge.
    And then, all animals (including humans) need to have just the right living conditions (which are harder to recreate for wild animals in human homes) – or they will be aggravated and may well go berserk at the slightest provocation… humans tend to have better self-control than other apes, but not always 🙂

    Yeah, that makes sense, but’s still interesting whether any ethnicity may have an advantage over another, on average. Like, when watching sports competitions, it does seem that athletes of African descent are better at running than Europeans or other white people.

    Hmmm, I’m not sure we “eat better” than people used to, unless we just mean availability. But what about soil depletion that affects mineral content of plants? And antibiotics in meat? And sugar/salt content of a lot of stuff? Maybe super-rich people who only buy “organic” and other luxury foods do eat unquestionably better than 16th century peasants, but most “common” people, while rarely being as hungry as peasants may have been, “make up” for abundant food quantity with reduced food quality. I mean, those peasants did manage to do all that manual labour on their measly potato/porridge/meat-for-Easter-and-Christmas diets! And whenever we try to lead a more healthy lifestyle with vigorous exercise, we end up needing supplements…

  4. I don’t recall the detail’s of chimp’s owner but you’re likely right about the situation. There should be stricter laws about people owning “exotic” pets.

    We homo sapiens are the same model with different paint jobs and a few modifications for local environmental challenges. Pretty sure the mutation for light skin didn’t even make its appearance until some 10 – 12 thousand years ago (can’t remember exactly, could be off by a few milenia.) People running away from mega fauna trying to eat them some 35K years ago probably ran pretty fast too, ha!

    It’s not that humans don’t have differences; we certainly do. I remember reading something about how a significant portion of a population in a mountainous area (the Himalayas or Andes?) have a genetic mutation that allows them to live at higher altitudes without the negative side-effects that low oxygen would have on everybody else.

    That makes them better people for living at high altitudes but not better people overall. A distinction worth keeping in discussions that could too easily be taken the wrong way.

    Maybe there is an adaptation in some African populations that make them better at running fast, like with the folks adapting to high altitudes. Longer legs? Lung capacity? Heart rate? Professional athletes are so maintained though, it’s hard to say. Some are just going to be incredible at what they do, amazing everyone, including fellow athletes. Some also cheat and take drugs. There’s those recent controversies about intersex athletes too. Sexual dimorphism isn’t as marked in humans as in other animals, but it often does make a difference in things depending on physical raw strength or endurance.

    I think we’re an amazing species. It’s just sad we can’t get along better with each other. 😦

    • I’d say people don’t get along as well as they could because they don’t use that one thing enough – the thing that is the most amazing about the H. Sapiens species, that is, the brain.

      An adaptation in certain populations makes sense, yeah.

      Sexual dimorphism and physical strength is also a subject that fascinates me. Like, we assume that females of our species are much weaker than males, even when they are the same size, but again, is it supposed to be (are other female apes that much weaker?), or have stronger females simply been bred out, or is it because girls on average are not encouraged to be as active as boys? We all have seen those six-year-old female gymnasts performing on the bars – okay they are somehow “selected”, but what about if the national PE curriculum started to incorporate more strength training for girls? What if more girls – who will later become women – can be stronger than they are now?
      I don’t know about the US, but here little boys are expected to be able to do a few pull-ups in freaking elementary school already, while girls are not. Never. The closest we had was inverted rows, although they were never tested for. And when female students here test for push-ups, it’s the knee variety.
      Maybe there is a way to make PE lessons more useful and less boring.

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