Holiday renders #03

Inspired yet again by a retro holiday card design I found on Pinterest.

So a silly Santa in a space saucer, just because. I don’t think I’ve ever used the 3DU Toon Santa, though I bought him ages ago. He’s not very bendy; poses outside limits results in poke through.

Free toon saucer from Porsimo, recolored to a more traditionally holiday palette. Trees from the Flipmode winter environment again, as well as the RDNA freebie morphing winter terrain, textured with the snow tile I uploaded a few posts earlier.

Buildings are A Curious Schoolhouse, A Curious Chapel, and A Curious Pub. I’ve only rendered the pub before. The DA Let it Snow utility used for adding snow to rooftops.

The cloud and stars overlay was a newsletter freebie, though it’s now for sale at Etsy.

8 thoughts on “Holiday renders #03

    • And a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

      I was wondering the other night what kind of outfit a true “retro scifi” Santa would wear. Then I started wondering what a futuristic Santa would wear, and a post apocalyptic Santa…

      Now I’m having ideas that might need rendering, lol

    • Where is Meshworks these days? They were at Content Paradise, weren’t they?

      I only have the one toon Santa, though Nursoda’s Hein could work too.

      • Not around much. I see them with Vanishing Point and there is still some of their work over at miryestore. But the Santa’s are gone kind of glad I bought them.

        • I think the only product I have of theirs is something related to an Elven Village and it was a temporary freebie via Renderosity. I also had some backgrounds but I rarely use them because they were too small for most of my render projects.

          I recall looking at a mobile home with lots of lawn flamingos. That was a cute product.

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