Brand new content and old stuff too

Indian Country


I used my prize from the contest win to get my grabby hands on the HW Foal and Western Tack for the HW Horse, and got around to rendering them today. The tack is draped over the back of the pickup…and I need to work on my mane posing skills, ha!

Oldest content — and not sure I’ve ever rendered it before now — is the Pickup Truck. There must not have been any extra texture sets for it, or else I never got around to buying them. I ended up using Stonemason’s DAZ Studio Dirty Shaders on the body of the truck and presets from the free Decan’s Paint Shop on everything else. I like the dirt shader, though if there’s a way to handle reflections I didn’t see it.

(I’ve been watching Longmire on Netflix and the Henry Standing Bear character drives an old truck similar to this, so that was my inspiration.)

Figures are original Genesis, as those were the last generation to come with ethnicity morphs. The male is wearing Falcon M4, Streetwear jeans, shirt from Effortless Cool, Hr-074 for V4 hair, and the hat from M4 Cowboy. Female is wearing Dakotah V4 with Tatum Hair G3F, Riot GIrl G3 top, Country Girl G3 boots, and the jeans from Horror Survivor: Cris for G2F.

Grass is Predatron’s Grass One, which isn’t in the store now, skydome from Flink’s Skies, and the barbed wire fence is a freebie from Most Digital Creations.

I didn’t have any barb wire fences with modeled wire; this one is a plane with a transparency map to look like barbed wire. I added deformers to the fence props to bend the “wires” down/up and also used the mesh warp brush on the posts as they looked a little too perfect.

Anybody know if there is barb wire fencing like this elsewhere? The kind you’d find on a farm or ranch, not around a prison or something. I have a lot of that kind.


4 thoughts on “Brand new content and old stuff too

    • That is perfect, thanks!

      Missed it when I did a search. My search-fu is clearly sub-par. 😛

      Most of the fencing around here is white fences made of fake wood for horse farms and strips of what I’m assuming is strong plastic materials for the cattle — both of which are more kind to critters — but now and again I see old barb wire fencing.

    • Hail fellow Cheesehead!

      Thanks, and you have an awesome website. I’ve never met anyone before who’s in the business of sword-making. 😀

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