Snowy pine trees galore!

The other day the DAZ store offered a Platinum Plus product for “free” if I bought the standard new/still new release. I usually pass on those sales, but I got a pop up banner saying I qualified for another two freebies and I succumbed to temptation.

I recently grumbled about not having enough snowy pines, so I picked up the new Winter Pine Forest. It was already budget-friendly at $10.47, but I paid $7.85 because of the Holiday Reward promo. Thus I ended up with new snowy pine trees and three other products, all for $7.85.

This comes with “snow blobs!” (Meaning drifts or snow piles, but blobs sounds much more exciting. Like they might get up and come after you if you’re wandering around the snowy forest primeval.)

Eliminated from my priority wishlist:

Wild Wind Hair for G8F and Victorian Decor 2 Iray.

Then a bonus texture add-on:

Vintage Noir for Vintage Rose G2F. There’s a G3F version of the outfit as well, I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet.

I tried out Wild Wind Hair with the new BOSS Pro Light set but because the render was taking forever, and Windows was nagging me to do an update, I canceled it. Maybe I’ll try again. Iray just crawls on my older computer, but maybe if I render something simpler (like, without hair?) it’ll go a bit faster and I can get a better feel for how the lights work.

Moving up into the newest vacated slots:

Rune 7 and Daily Casuals Mega Wardrobe for G3M. I like Rune’s texture and morph and the clothing set offers several practical basics. Not sure why I didn’t pick it up sooner. Especially since my G3M content is sorely lacking in just about everything.

Then I uploaded enough to the gallery and freestuff at Renderosity to get a $5.00 gift certificate, and I bought even more snowy pine trees!

It was on sale for $6.45, so it cost me only a little extra.

On the non-shopping front, today I made five different cookie dough recipes and two sets of brownies.

One of the brownies was a mistake, but by the time I realized what I’d done, I was already committed. I was thinking, “Wow, this cookie dough is kinda runny! Did I mess up the flour? Let’s look at that recipe and…oh crap I just made brownies instead.”

Oh, well. Brownies can be frozen for later munching.

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